Von Oetinger Riesling "Mineral" 2014
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Von Oetinger Riesling "Mineral" 2014


Sourced from the legendary Hohenrain vineyard and crushed under foot, this is a gorgeous dry Riesling with fantastic intensity and complexity.


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shockingly un-Californian

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a fine European white wine

Some time ago I bought several bottles of that 2013 Burgundy Chardonnay. My wife and I decided that we didn't like it at all--to thin, no taste, waste of money. Then our son-in-law, who knows a lot about wine, drank a bottle with us and praised it greatly. He explained to us about minerality, that European whites aren't as in-your-face with fruit the way California wines are. Now that we understood what we were drinking, we really enjoyed the wine. Immediately upon finishing the Chardonnay, we opened a bottle of the German Riesling. We had been uncertain about it, but had given it the benefit of the doubt because it is German and my wife is German. Son-of-a-gun, the Riesling tasted a lot like the Burgundy, but a little more forward with what we evidently-backward Californians call "taste". Now we only want to drink the Riesling. We have case after case of California white wines; we tolerate them and drink them, but always look forward to the next bottle of von Oetinger. Too bad it's so expensive. Still, at half the price of the Burgundy, it is a steal, which is why we rated it a Best Value.