Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the wine more expensive online than at retail?

Selling online actually allows us to offer the wine to you at a superior price. By delivering our wines directly to you, we skip the markups in the three tier system of producers/distributors/retailers, and are able to maximize quality for price for the customer.

What are the benefits of being on the mailing list?

Our e-list is the only way to know about all of our new wine releases, sales, and special offers.

Why doesn't my local retailer ever get the wine or only infrequently gets the wine?

Our wines are only available online at Make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to be the first to know about the latest releases!

Why are your Lot wines sometimes not released numerically?

A wine gets assigned a Lot number in the order that it becomes a finished wine, i.e. not 5 gallons of this or 3 gallons of that. A finished blend. These numbers are assigned numerically, but the wines are not always released in the same order.  This is because different wines react to being bottled differently. Some are approachable within a few months. Some take 6 months. We release the wine the minute we think it's saleable, but always advise if there is more upside to the wine being left in the bottle for another 3-4 months or even 5-7 years (e.g. Lot 16 Stags Leap Cab). Sometimes, a wine is ready to go before its numerical predecessor and we release it first.

Can I save on shipping costs and stop by your office or the winery to pick up my online order?

Sorry folks, we don’t own a winery nor do we have a tasting room. We are a virtual wine company. As well, our licensing only allows us to ship wine to you via common courier. We are not allowed to have wine picked up at our office because we would then have to be a licensed retailer (which we cannot be, because one cannot simultaneously hold wholesale and on-sale retail licenses).

I am not receiving your emails but when I try to subscribe it tells me I'm already subscribed. How can I get your emails?

The most likely causes of this are that you have unsubscribed from an email in the past by mistake, or you or your email provider has placed the email in your spam, junk, or subfolder other than "inbox". Adding to your address book or white list will help to ensure that they arrive in your inbox. You can look at your spam or junk folder to see if you find anything from "Cameron Hughes Wine". We take unsubscribes very seriously and require that customers who opt themselves out of our email list, also take the action of resubscribing themselves. We hope you understand! This is the best way to ensure that only people who want to receive our communications are receiving them.

Please try re-subscribing using this link first:
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If you are still having difficulty please reach out to us at and we will be able to assist you further.