Varner 2014 Los Alamos Vineyard Pinot Noir
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Varner 2014 Los Alamos Vineyard Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Burgundian expression of Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara .


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This is a good one. Very light, elegant, and refined. Does not taste like many California Pinots that you may be used to. Structured but low tannin, this has a pleasant taste up front and is very drinkable. Not overly complex but I really didn't think it needed to be. With chicken or fish, this is an absolutely perfect pair. Also great with some cheese and crackers. I opened, decanted, and let it sit in a cool spot for about an hour. That bit of air and a slight chill, a few degrees south of room temperature, really helped to add to this as well. Highly recommend!

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Pure Burgandy goodness

As soon as I poured this light pinot, I knew it was going to be good. If blindfolded, I'd be hard pressed to guess this was a CA product. Light, airy, incredibly drinkable. Smooth, very low tannins. It's rare that I reorder this many bottles since I like to try different wines. In this case, however, I just had to get more. It is ready to drink now and I can only imagine how much better it will be in the future. One of the best CH wines and values in quite some time.


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Smooth and easy

The Varner Pinot noir is an excellent wine. It was extremely smooth and very easy to drink. Not overpowering and a perfect example of a Pinot.


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TRYING to restrain myself...

Based upon what Cam says & writes here, + the reviews on the Varner site, I'm VERY pleased Cam alerted at least me to this producer. (I'm planning/HOPING to hold our 2 bottles for at least another 18 mos or so.)


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Burgundy, huh?

Didn't know California made Pinot Noir like this. Much more elegant and refined than what I normally would have expected from the sunshine state. Excellent companion to the salmon we had last night.