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Lot 740 2016 Clarksburg Aglianico
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Lot 740 | 2016 Clarksburg


A super small-lot American expression of an Italian icon!


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Cam Confidential


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Mystery grape dispenses magic!

We thoroughly enjoyed this wine we never heard of. Should we open it or another more familiar bottle? Let’s be adventurous, trusting in CH. We were so happy with the first sip after decanting for about 30 minutes. Initial light fruit, a little complex, with medium body. Delicious!


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Interesting Italian Grape

Like others, this was a new varietal for us to try. We drank 1/2 bottle one dinner and finished it off the next dinner. It really opened up overnight, so I believe it would benefit from a long decant. I wish there was more in stock.


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Different Italian Wine

Never has this grape before. It was smooth and very dry with nice flavors of musty berries and lots of tannins. Enjoyed this wine.


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Great old world classic!

This was a wonderful wine


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Delightfully Dry and Jammy

I must be an old-world fan, because I loved this wine. The fruitiness was deep and round, and the dry rich taste was most pleasing. I served it with pasta and salad. My first time tasting this grape. A real treat!


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Very unusual wine

I never heard of this grape before. The wine is very unusual to my taste. Nice color, nose but the taste is taste is the unusual feature. Very tangy and with nice balance. the lingering after taste is great. Would buy this again


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Kept us in the wine tasting mood

We'd just returned from a very pleasant (and socially distanced) wine tasting trip to Paso Robles where we'd tasted at everywhere from Halter Ranch to Tobin James and really into the very Californian expression of how wine should be made, lots of fresh tastes with all kinds of respect paid to the grapes being used and how each character can be emphasized or blended to make a greater whole. This would have fit in to the trip perfectly, wish I'd bought more.


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Wonderful CA expression of an Ancient Grape

Immediately on the nose, you pick up that the oak is extremely high quality. Flavors of red currant and cranberry are wonderful, accompanied by high, balanced, zestful acidity and medium weight, promising tannins. Final Thought: If you are a New World Style wine drinker, I do not feel this wine will be for you. Even done in Clarksburg, this still expresses Old World style attributes.

Pat & Mike

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Lot 740--Aglianico--Hope You Don't Miss This One!

One of the great benefits of the Cameron Hughes Wine Club is the ability to try new wines like this Aglianco. Unfortunately, we only ordered one bottle which was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! We just received this bottle and wanted to order more and just discovered is out of stock. Hopefully, Cameron Hughes can secure another lot of this wine. It is a wonderful full-bodied wine. I wish we had ordered a couple of cases of this one....