Lot 702 2016 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 702 | 2016 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from the same iconic producer as Lots 200, 609, and 614 - three of the highest-rated wines in the history of the Lot program.


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Cam Confidential


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Glad I jumped on this one early. I was a big fan of lot 609. Look forward to coming back to this in a few years.


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One of the best CH cabernets to date. Needed a long decant but worth the wait.


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Good not great

I opened this on Christmas Eve 2019, and i drank it with out food. I wanted to experience the wine by itself...no out side palate influencers. I also decanted it for an hour. It had a nice fruity nose. The taste was red fuit, especially dark cherry and raspbery. The finish was long and i noted chocolate, carmel, and oak coming through. Overall a good napa cab. However, i feel some of the other cameron hughes napa cabs are just as good but at lower price points.


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A Fine Wine

Glad I bought more than one bottle. We opened this one a few hours before we drank it, used it to educate my son on what a really great bottle of wine should taste and feel like in his mouth. A wonderful bonding experience.

Florida Bill

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Best of Class

A very fine cab with balanced dark fruit that goes on and on. A hint of light tannins that bring it all together. This wine will mature nicely, but is great without waiting. The best CH release of the year!


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Very smooth

Opened this up with Christmas Eve Prime Rib Roast. My brother said "it's so smooth I want to fill a kiddie pool with it and lay in it. A classy kiddie pool that is." Extremely smooth amazing cab. We are looking forward to saving our others and letting age for a while, definitely will continue to age well.


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Amazing wine

I want more of this. What a treat. This wine tastes like it should cost over $100 a bottle. Smooth & warm & everything a Napa cab should be.


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Exceptional wine

This is a truly exceptional wine. Cam's comments are right on the money - dense, extracted, dark. It's a very well balanced wine that I am sure will age well. We decanted it for about 4 hours and it opened up nicely. Another is a long list of CH cabernet gems.


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Sip one save one

Needs some time to breath once opened but wow. So glad I bought additional bottles to hold and enjoy later.


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Excellent Cab!

This is a wonderful, BIG, full Cabernet. An exceptional value. It will lay down for years and my guess it be even better. I opened a bottle of Lot 609 just days before the 702 - no comparison. Lot 702 is more complex with layers of flavor and finish. Thank you for a great wine Cam.