Lot 609 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 609 | 2014 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from the same producer as Lot 200, and every bit as bold, rich, and stupendous. One of the best we've ever sourced.


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Cam Confidential


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Ordered another case

Big wine with a lot of mouth-feel. Preferred the Rutherford fruit in other recent CH Cabs, but 609 is very good and drinking well right now.


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I still have four cases left in the cellar. I repeat--FABULOUS!


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Really enjoy this wine, ordered more but is now out


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Great wine for the value! Hope there is more where that came from!

We enjoyed this wine and bought two cases or more when they said it was running low in stock! So glad we did! Hope another one comes along that was smooth, full bodied and very drinkable for all occasions!


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Great wine

Worth the $35 ? I wondered and yes it is! Open it for an hour and enjoy this full bodied yet smooth wine which is a lovely dark red. Excellent wine!


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Every thing a great cab should be.

Opened this at the end of a long week of moving into our new home.
The smooth, full bodied cab was amazing. I believe the word “tastebud-gasam” was used.
For this I could unpack another box...of wine.

Rick G

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Not excited

I just opened my first bottle, and I was disappointed. Maybe I got a bad bottle, because this wine acts strange in the glass. At first taste, it is very impressive. After five minutes in the glass, there is a bitter edge and too much tannin. I drank this bottle slowly over the last week (using Private Preserve), and it did not seem to improve.


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A solid value

After 2-3 hours in the decanter, this was a smooth cab with layers of black currant and mocha. Very nice!


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Good buy!

I like most of 600' but this one become one of my favorite. It's smooth, and flavorful, and very rich. Love it!


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Still Love the 609

I think I just bought my 3rd order of 609. Full bodied, fairly strong tannins, but let it open for an hour....and delicious. I recently served after a 2014 Pride Cabernet....and it stood up against it well. In fact, one of my guests preferred the 609. Great value.