Lot 609 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 609 | 2014 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from the same producer as Lot 200, and every bit as bold, rich, and stupendous. One of the best we've ever sourced.


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Cam Confidential


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big cab, great value

this is where CH excels. amazing big cabs (that I can never avoid drinking too soon)--couple of hours decant and amazing, especially at this price


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Wow. Delicious. Tastes expensive.

Title says it all -- this is great wine. Even at the high end of CH's price range, this feels like a great value. I'm conserving my few remaining bottles....


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Tastes Great - Still Evolving

Opened a bottle 12/31/2018 and it was great in the glass with a little air, put the cork back in and had it 24 hours and was even smoother and a little more mellowed, both the initial pour and 24h pours were great - just different; by 48 hours it was past peak and rapidly declining. I'd say a brief decant or 12-18 hours open in the bottle is probably the sweet spot with 24 hours probably about max. If you're good at planning ahead, I'd suggest cracking the bottle in the AM for an dinner that evening.


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This is hands down for me the best Cab from Cam I have had. All the elements are clicking in this one to the point of making it a hedonistic experience. Keep these coming since I was, and still have some more to be blown away by. Thank you! YUM


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Solid wine

We had this over the weekend with grilled strip steak and King crab legs. Quality wine, but not mind blowing. We both thought it was a little thin. Maybe, we are being a little over critical, but we would buy this one again....


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This was our first bottle of CH and the reviews matched the experience. The wine was extraordinary! I only wish we could have bought more.


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Great Choice

This is a great choice and an amazing value! We loved it!


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Ordered another case

Big wine with a lot of mouth-feel. Preferred the Rutherford fruit in other recent CH Cabs, but 609 is very good and drinking well right now.


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I still have four cases left in the cellar. I repeat--FABULOUS!


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Really enjoy this wine, ordered more but is now out