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Lot 609 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 609 | 2014 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from the same producer as Lot 200, and every bit as bold, rich, and stupendous. One of the best we've ever sourced.


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Cam Confidential


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Wonderful Cab

Worth the wait, we need more of these deals


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So long to 2014...

Tonight I opened my last bottle from 2014 vintage, and what a way to go out. This one is my favorite from a fantastic 2014 lineup. Big and bold, but very approachable now, and I'm sure it will only get better with more time in bottle. If you still have some left, I'm jealous. Enjoy!


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On a very short list

I'll add a disclaimer that we opened a bottle of all of our 2014 varieties over the last two weeks. I know these reviews won't help with purchasing advice but hopefully helps those who may still have these laying down.

I've been effusive in my praise of Lot 609 over time. This, to me, is on a list of three wines (at current count) that I have had from Cam over the years that I just think are absolutely epic. I've had tons of great bottles, ones where I have been unable to believe the value and quality, but this one to me is pretty much a perfect bottle of wine. This could be $200 and I think wine stores would sell out. The only sad part for me is I only have four bottles left. I'll probably have one more this spring, and save my last three for next year. This is dynamite and if you are lucky enough to still have it, it will be great no matter what you get into it.


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finally opened WORTH THE RATE

Lot 609 is one of my all time favorite CHWINES. This is what I think about when I think about a Napa Cabernet. It was nice to be able to see what Lot 702 may age into. This wine evolved into a front forward well balanced fruitful wine tasting experience. Mellowing tannins with the right amount of acidity considering the high alcohol content. Nose of blackberry and mild acidity with hints of oak. I really really like this wine. Sad I have no more.


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First CH wine

This is the wine that got us hooked on CH. Great cab and sadly we are nearly out of the cases we bought.


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Keeps Getting Better

I have five bottles of this left. Well, four now. And it keeps getting better. I did decant this for about 45 minutes before enjoying it, and the smoothness and flavors really show through. Not an overpowering cab by any stretch...luxurious and very elongated at this point. I think it is just getting into its sweet spot now, so I am going to resist temptation and not get back into these for the rest of the winter. If I can, I'll wait all the way to next fall. For 35 bucks this is on my very short list of Cam's best work. This was worth 4 or 5 times the price. Will pair great with food as others have discussed, but it is equally elegant on its own. Thank you Cam!


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Hold on to those bottles

This wine is a long distance runner IMHO. Wait another year an decant. Not a full bodied wine, and definitely very dry. Will reward those with patience.


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Killer Cab!

Not bowl you over but a really well balanced cabernet.


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Smack Your Lips!

Delicious and worth the wait. I held this until recently and boy was it good. It pours with a beautiful deep ruby color and dark fruit forward nose. I paired it with a medium rare NY Strip and I wasn't sure which I enjoyed more, the wine or steak. If you didn't get this, I'm sorry, and if you did, decant and enjoy!


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Excellent Value

Very nice wine at an excellent price. Definitely 5 stars and a value.