Lot 662 2016 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 662 | 2016 Sonoma Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

A superstar Cabernet from Sonoma Valley you'll definitely want to pick up by the case - compare at $100/bottle.


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Perfect Blending of Components

We enjoyed Lot 697 earlier in the week, then this one last night. This has more to offer - more smoothness in the mouthfeel, more aroma, and generally more complex. It didn't have the cassis of 697, and we thought it was an excellent pairing with ribeye. We let it decant for an hour.


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Very Good, Let it Rest

Dark yet vibrant. Really complex and interesting wine from Sonoma. Enjoyed it even though the alcohol, at over 15%, worried me that it might overpower. Not the case at all. Still a baby even here in 2020, let it sit for a while and you will be rewarded with yet another excellent value.


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Fantastic Sonoma cabernet

I knew I should have ordered more...Cam is training me to try all of the Club wines asap, because the good ones disappear!


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Even better this year

Just opened a bottle of this cab after waiting a year and it is better than I remember it from last year. I think I will like it even more next year. Still not as good as some of the Napa offerings like 663 and 664 but definitely growing on me.


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Aromatic Sonoma cabernet

Aromatic Sonoma cabernet- this is one of my favorites- opened a bottle tonight and enjoyed tremendously without food. I'm going to keep another bottle until next years (2021) Super bowl game. Sorry, guys, sold out!


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Napa-like Cab

Sonoma is amazing but I still think of Napa when drinking Cabs and this drinks very well even right out of the bottle through an aerator. I would never guess 15.5% alcohol because it is so easy and pleasant to drink. Not quite as severe and hot as some recent cabs I have had. We couldn't define it, but my wife said it has a spa quality, a vanilla sandalwood smooth aroma. Will buy again! Based on other reviews, I think that the extra 6 months have helped it mellow.


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Not one of my favorites

Maybe I had a bad bottle or a particularly bad day at the office. All my notes say is 'Looked good coming from the decanter to the glass, but the nose was disappointing. Limited flavor profile and not paring well with the meal.' Unfortunately I did not write down what the meal was.


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Nice one

This wine was part of my wine club delivery. I’m so glad we got it. I would have never have picked on my own. It’s rich, bold, and just so very good. I have already ordered more.


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Gorgeous Color and Nose

Probably too soon to drink, but gave it a 2 1/2 hr decant and gave it a go. The color is dark and delicious. After the decant, it still took adding more air, via swirling the glass, to bring out deep, rich aromas. I would drink this again and again, if offered, but I think it may need more time in the bottle to fulfill its excellence. I will save the remaining bottle a couple more years.


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This is a keeper!

Just pouring it in the glass gives a clue... intense, inky. It does explode, if it has enough air. Decanting it and giving it some breathing room will unlock its full potential. Of course, holding on it for a couple of years is also good! Great value for the price.