Lot 662 2016 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 662 | 2016 Sonoma Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

A superstar Cabernet from Sonoma Valley you'll definitely want to pick up by the case - compare at $100/bottle.


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My wife and I both enjoy this full body can


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Part of Gift Package

This was included in a gift package we ordered for friends. And, they chose to share it with us; we were totally happy they did!! We enjoy full bodied Cabernets and this didn't disappoint us or our friends. Great Cab and a fantastic value!!


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This fills every expectation of what I want from a Cab. Full bodied goodness and flavor. I tasted this one over a two hour span as it was breathing in my decanter, and wow it really opened up. Great Cab!!!!


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So far this wine is one of my favorite CH wines. Great flavors, not too much fruit and nice dry finish. Will definitely buy this again.


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A deep rich color for this full body wine. Great dinner wine. Would definitely order again.

Love the deep rich color. Full body wine that is great with dinner. Opened early to breathe.


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Killer Cab!

Let this one breath.


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Needs to breath

Needs to breath and then it’s fabulous!!! I loved it!!! Will definitely buy again!! Party on the tastebuds!!


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Fabulous Cab

Let it air a little and it was terrific. Get value for a Cabernet from Sonoma.


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Needs time to Breath and then wow.

A little disappointed at first - I always like to take a taste after opening - but after about 3 hours of decanting the wine really opened up and the complexity and bold fruit were spectacular. It will only get better with age.


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Tremendous value

This was an elegant, full-flavored cab. Should be priced much higher for its relative quality. I could easily find this quality in an $80 bottle elsewhere. Must decant and probably needs more time to age. Wonderful!