Lot 650 2016 Sierra Foothills Cabernet Franc
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Lot 650 | 2016 Sierra Foothills

Cabernet Franc

150 cases of high altitude Cab Franc from a boutique producer.


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Cam Confidential


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Another good wine for the price. Different varietal than my usuaCan use some time breathing.


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It Grew on Me

I purchased this because of the reviews. When I first tried it I thought somewhat sour? but the finish was ever so appealing. I let it breath for an hour and it really opened up. I wish I had bought a case. Really enjoying the full flavor of this wine.


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Excellent wine for the price

Wish I had purchased more. Oaky and spicey that unpairs well with barbaque.


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Subtle layers

Nice fruit, but there is an awful lot going on. Subtle oak, definitely get the olive undertones. Each sip reveals something different. Deserves to be contemplated.


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Unique Cab Franc With High Notes and Low Costs

I have had Cab Franc before from CH Wine. I have found it quite interesting that this lot of Cab Franc was quite different than the other lots I have had. Lot 650 is medium bodied (which I prefer), spicy flavors but not too overbearing and pairs well with slightly sweeter cheese and/or food. . I'd order it again but they seem to be out of stock. So the next best option is to wait for a new lot to come out and buy another round. Make sure you open the bottle and let it sit in the glass for at least 15-20 minutes.


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Agree with Tom and Jonathan G

This was my first-ever purchase of Cabernet Franc, so I had no particular expectations. Like Tom and Jonathan G (previous reviewers), I wasn’t especially impressed. A reasonable price doesn't make for a great value if I can't taste the wine.


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Great Franc !

I’ve really come to enjoy this varietal. Don’t pass it up!


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Wow! Unbelievable value.

This is a really nice wine; better than any I've had for the price. Wow! Unbelievable. I wish I'd gotten a couple of cases.


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A frankly typical Franc

The 650 is exactly what the varietal should taste like. Bigger than Virginia bottlings; lovely terroir. Wish we'd bought more.


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A Savory Value

My first Cab Franc from this region and I was pleased. Big fruit but very savory. Have 3 more I’m going to wait on...if I can. Super value.