Lot 615 2015 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 615 | 2015 Rutherford

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our fifth blockbuster Cabernet release for the fall season!


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Very good, but pricey, Rutherford cab

Very good Rutherford cab, but a bit pricey. Rated 3.75 on my 0-4 ranking scale, so I really enjoyed it. Would buy more, but it is gone...

Will age nicely

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Can't wait to have this again in 5 years

My favorite wines from CH are the $35 cabs. I've had enough high end wines to taste the value of these superb wines.

My notes to myself: Sublime, smooth, definitely tastes like a $150 bottle of cab. Purchased 2 cases and tried 3 bottles before laying down the others for a rest.

Smooth cab-distinctive

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Excellent, smooth, not distinctive, impressive in the swallow

Very smooth. Just pure ease going down. Not as distinctive as I expected and for the price I liked the 588 distinct tastes better especially for the price. No complaints about this wine, just wonder if it's worth the price.


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not as tasty as some

not as tasty as the 606 buy a very good wine


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Ah, Rutherford

This was very elegant and reminded us of many places when we visited Napa and Rutherford. Definitely has that pleasant Rutherford dusty note. Thanks for a screaming deal, CH.


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Nice Cab

Very nice cab. Very dry and full bodied. Slightly chalky mineral taste. Taste lingers on the palate with each sip. Had with lamp chops. Very good but did not blow me away at this price.


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Re: Great buy

I found this one to be very smooth. We opened it up with tri tip and it was all perfect.


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Very good Rutherford Cab but I am spoiled by lot 606.

Johnny D

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killer 2015 cab

This is by far my favorite of all the CH 2015 cabs. A beautiful wine, deeply extracted with nicely balanced tannins, this will only improve with a few more years in the cellar. I put off posting my review until I had a chance to stock up. :-)


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Worth It

I received via wine club shipment and forgot about it. Opened last night with friends and I was impressed. One of those wines that tastes like a $75 bottle. Can’t imagine the restaurant price! Velvety smooth with amazing taste and finish.