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Lot 610 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 610 | 2015 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first big Cabernet for Fall - a blockbuster introduction to the stellar 2015 vintage.


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Cam Confidential


21 Reviews Total


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I like it very much!

Just now opening this bottle. I have a lot of CH wine and just now getting to this 2015. I think it is just about right for drinking now and I agree with the previous favorable tasting notes, but would add an exclamation point! Different flavors than the 609, but on a par with quality.


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I am not sorry to say this is a fairly under reviewed and underrated wine. It’s full of delectable and rich flavors.


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Just Delicious!

Wonderful nose upon opening. Rich and complex mouth feel; layered with a taste of raspberry right away and a terrific finish. Drank with Italian beef roast in a tomato based sauce, and was the perfect match for both that and the dark chocolate for dessert. A bargain, for sure.

Brian K

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Baby Brother of 609

Not quite as good as the 609 yet but may catch up with age, but have a few friends who already prefer it over the 9. It is worth a try for the price.


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Wonderful but needs patience

Give it time to breathe, the longer the better. Wine has just enough bite of acidity and ample dark-purple fruits. This also dark-purple colored wine has a long finish. A nice companion for a fillet-steak dinner.


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Young but good

I opened this cab and immediately poured a glass. At first, I was not particularly impressed. I then let it breathe for an hour or so and it opened up nicely. The next evening I finished the bottle and was really glad I purchased the 610. It’s a winner. Thanks Cam.


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Very tightly wound at first so give it ample time to breathe. After 2 hours out of bottle really opened with balanced structure and great fruit.


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Decant it an hour

The quality of the fruit was very evident in this. We had this with tenderloin at Christmas. The first glass was pop and pour while cooking, but it really showed itself by the time dinner was ready. Rutherford dust was not pronounced, which is what we usually crave in our cab-drinking. Still, with a roasted tenderloin and not grilled meat, it was a perfect accompaniment to our dinner. It's more bright fruit in nature.


Give it time but very YUMMY!

Tight the first day but really came to life day 2! Black cherry, cocoa, spice with hints of nutmeg and oak. Dried blackberries with dusty tannins. Really delicious but needs more time in the bottle. Yummy!!!


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Very Nice wine

Young, and a bit tight right now. Does not give up is full flavors till the second night when cedar tones come out.