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Lot 570 2015 Russian River Valley Chardonnay
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Lot 570 | 2015 Russian River Valley


The 2015 follow-up to our most expensive-ever Chardonnay.


(17 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


17 Reviews Total

rah rah

Verified Purchase

Young, but very good

Based on the reviews, I waited a bit before opening one of these puppies up. Glad I did! This one will keep for quite a while. It is tightly wound, but opens up nicely with some air. More of a classic style. Not too oaky. Can't wait to see where this goes in a couple of years.


Verified Purchase

great value - smooth and distinctive

my wife loves all chards by this case we gave the 570 a go, and it was extra special.

The distinctive burgundy quality married well to the California chardonnay traits in terms of approachability & a nuanced extra

something in harmony with how it melds on the way down.

Worthy special occasion Chardonnay at our table !

Johnny D

Verified Purchase

a beautiful Chardonnay

White Burgundy from California! Delicious fruit, long crisp and mineral finish. Definitely cellar-worthy.


Verified Purchase


tasted smooth and great from the first sip. had to re-order immediately. highly recommend. worth the money and more.


Verified Purchase

Not much body or complexity to me

Maybe we didn't let it breathe long enough; maybe we opened it too soon, but I like 576 better than this one.


Verified Purchase

Love Love Love

I drink a lot of wine. I try to keep it under $20 a bottle but this chard is one of my exceptions. Simply perfect and well worth the cost!!!


Verified Purchase

Light Dinner wine

This wine is perfect for serving at a light or cold meal.


Verified Purchase

Just what you'd expect

While pricey and requiring a little time, it pays off nicely.


Verified Purchase

excellent value

This wine is better than wines I have consumed at twice the price. Full bodied and wonderful on the palate. I will be buying more. Also did my own taste test of this wine as opposed to Lot 595 Russian River Valley, this one is definitely worth the price difference.

Paul from Connecticut

Verified Purchase

Worth the wait

Despite the price, I ordered a case in December when it was released based on how wonderful lot 169 was. After initial reviews indicating it needed a little more time I waited, about 4 months. Last night I opened to accompany a fish dinner, very very good, finished it tonight, excellent. Glad I ordered a second case a few weeks ago.