Lot 562 2014 Knights Valley Zinfandel
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Lot 562 | 2014 Knights Valley


A classic, complex Zinfandel from Knights Valley.


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Cam Confidential


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Paul T

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Smooth Zin

Full flavored. Great with any food or alone. Looking forward to more with this quality


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Best Zin I've Had!

In general, I've not been a big fan of Zin - probably from having had earlier (pre-CH Wines) experiences with poor quality - so, it was with some trepidation that I decided to try a few bottles of Lot 562. Now I know how a quality Zin tastes! Thank you Cam! As this one is sold out, I'll look forward to future offerings!


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great flavor, smooth, a fine Zin 562 is a winner

John H

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More. Soon. Please.

We try to order at least a case of every CH Zin / Zin blend release, as they are consistently good.

Agree with others that 562 was the best yet --- by far, in my reckoning.

Chased some Lot 588 --- which my wife and I both enjoyed --- with a glass of this last week, and it was simply "Wow!" --- well balanced, but what a ker-pow of great fruit on the palate!

Also with the others lamenting the fact that 562 is all gone. Thanks for this initial taste, but please get the stars to align once more and score some more of this great Zin!

Bob M

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The best yet

We are big fans of the Old Vine and Zinfandel offerings from CH Wine. This one was the best to date. Rich, dark, full.yet not over the top "jam", made this one a hit. Sorry it was gone before we could re-up!!!


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Sad because, I didn't buy more! Love good Zins and this one, albeit, a bit lighter than others I've enjoyed, is very approachable. Easy drinking red and I'm enjoying it immensely!


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Really Nice Zin

I have to say I have loved the Zins from Cameron Hughes. This is no exception. Full bodied and so smooth. I could drink this one daily. Sadly it is sold out.


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WOW! Impressive wine!

Absolutely loved this style of Zinfandel. We drank it last night with a savory Rotatouille and it complimented the dish perfectly. Medium bodied, fruity, nicely balanced. Let it breath a little and enjoy!

CH has found an exceptional value in a Zinfandel. Only negative thing I can say is this wine sold out much too fast! I wish I had purchased more bottles. CH continues to impressive us!


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Beautiful nose

Outstanding nose. Drinking now. Somewhat dry in the taste and finish for a Zin, but a very nice wine at a great price.


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Can't beat Knights Valley

I usually pick up a bottle of wine if its from Knights Valley. But this was an incredible value for a great zin. I am glad a got a case cause its gone now.