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Lot 540 2015 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 540 | 2015 Lodi

Cabernet Sauvignon

A fruit bomb California Cabernet for $12! One of the best value Cabernets you'll see anywhere.


(415 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


415 Reviews Total


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Very nice!

This is an awesome full bodied cab for a great price.


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Best Buy

Killer wine for the $


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Great Cab!

Great cab with a plum forward tasting notes. Great bottle for the price!


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Why is the wine gone?

I wish I could buy more. Sadly, it is out of stock. Can't wait until the next vintage of this excellent wine.

Dr Irwin

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This is our go to cab. We love it and so do the friends and family we share it with.


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Good right out of the bottle

Bought this bottle based on the reviews and the price. Better than just a good everyday wine, but will gladly use it for just that. My only regret is not ordering more because I somewhat doubted it was as good as the ratings indicated due to the incredibly low price. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!


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Great Cab, Great Price

Cam calls this a great everyday wine. It can be that, but it can also be for special nights. It is smooth, with also great depth .
This was my second case. Not surprisingly it is now sold out.


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Wonderful wine

If i had realized how good this stuff was, i would have bought an extra 10 cases! Really full bodied and terrific wine. I just hope that we cna find an equivalent replacement!


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Bring Us More!

The 540 may not be the very best wine that Cameron Hughs offers, but it is my favorite. As price ranges elevate in the CH kingdom, and I've tried many of their wines, one might better find more subtlety and nuance of greatness. But at 12 dollars a bottle, the 540 isn't just the best value that CH offers, it is one of his best wines, period. And one of the most reliably delicious I've ever tasted. It pours like the aforementioned "fruit bomb" -- and indeed it stays strong and sturdy and ever present through to the last drop of every bottle. However, like with all good wines, it develops as it catches more air, and as your meal unfolds you'll find a surprising depth revealing itself both upon the entry of each sip, and in their long, wonderful finish, redolent with flavors and expression and even joy. Yet with all of that it remains smooth. There are no sneaky spikes of acidity or of warnings of a waning strength within the bottle. It remains both powerful and present. and perfect. It indeed is that rare bird: an everyday Cab that is both affordable, and amazing. Of course a wine like this is great with beef stew, lamb, or a good steak; but it's also wonderful with chicken or hearty vegetarian dishes as well. Bring Us More Cameron!


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Spectacular cab. Smooth and especially good with a nice cigar!