Lot 516 2010 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir
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Lot 516 | 2010 Sta. Rita Hills

Pinot Noir

The 2010 vintage release of a stunning Pinot Noir vertical.


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Holy Cow

I’m pretty new to the world of fine wines. I can now see why people get so deep into this experience. I’ve been a CH member for 2 years now and this is the best bottle yet. The texture is amazing. We had it with a hearty valentines dinner and rushed to the website to buy more. SOLD OUT! Oh well. I’m grateful for the experience anyways.


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put in freezer for 30 mins, poured straight in decanter:
style of earthy & musky
fruity & slight black cherry liquorice nose that gets more and more intense as the temp of the wine goes up in the glass. the nose evolves and gets more ripe as the night wore on (an hour after being in the decanter) - like a freshly opened box of fig newton cookies. Figgy / earthy, preserved berry taste with a short balanced and smooth finish. finesse, well structured body in the mode of an expensive burgundy, though still has a very slight tiggy finish around the mouth
the next day (no cooling):
nose is more intense and deeper jam with a hint of thyme (8). a more rounded body (7-8) with a thin chewiness, no tannin, and darker berry taste. the finish still has a slight burn and can be smoother (main neg)


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Dark and Delicious

Beautiful Pinot Noir at a great price. I'm hoarding the few bottles I have left.


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A Delight

A wonderful Sta Rita Hills Pinot with depth and finesse. It's not quite as lush as Lot 505 (2012) which was stunning. 516 is more layered and has some old world style.


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Lovely Pinot!

Highly recommend you get some of this before it is gone. May be our favorite Pinot from CH. Beautiful texture and fruit.


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Extraordinary Pinot Noir

Thick and lush. After sampling I ordered a case. It reminds me of the 1971 DRC Echezeaux.


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This is hands down my favorite Pinot Noir. I opened both this and a bottle of the 2013 for comparison and the difference is substantial. Both are delicious, but the 2010 mutes the overall bright notes of the fruit in order to bring it into better harmony with the rest of the wine. Just wonderful.


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Great surprise

Usually don't drink Pinot but glad I received this one. Bold but very drinkable. Great wine. This one makes me want more.


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Excellent pinot

Recently served this at dinner with some very discerning wine lovers, and they were blown away! They just couldn't believe this was a Pinot Noir.

It has a lush, bold flavor of cherry and rasberry and was perfect with a steak. It just got better with every sip. I'll buy more!


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Classic style of SB pinot

Richer flavor with lots of bright cherry with cinnamon and clove notes on the long finish