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Lot 468 2013 Oakville Meritage
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Lot 468 | 2013 Oakville


Gold Medal, 94 pts, North Coast Wine Challenge; Classic Oakville Red Wine - a contender for blend of the year.


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Cam Confidential


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Good, but not great

For the price point, it is certainly a winner. I found it too heavy on the Merlot for my tastes, but that's more on me than on the wine.


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A winner - sorry I didn't buy more

Even my French buddy thought this was great..perfect for any situation. I like it just for an evening drink...or with a meal. Good price


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Buy it now!

Definitely worth the money. This is a very good wine. Great straight out of the bottle but with decanting the wine really loosens up and is superb!


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Very Nice

This was a very solid blend. I place at good value just because I think there's better here for the price and cheaper.


The system is working.

I tasted the wine before checking the price.

I would pay at least fifty dollars for this.

Looking forward to the next bottle.

Barrie L


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Great value red blend

For those who like the red blends, sometimes can be very different depending on the varietals/percentages - this one is a little tight on first opening, but a few hours (or a day) later it is lush and juicy, with a beautiful smooth finish. I've never been able to age any CH wines, since they get consumed so fast, and this is another great value buy.


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Top Notch Red Blend

Lot 468 is a top-notch blend at an amazing value. It simply cannot be touched for the quality and price. Another fantastic offering by CH!


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Cam, this is a fantastic blend! I haven't bought from you in over 4 years but am so glad I took the leap and trusted you yet again. This bottle reminds me of Celani Tenacious. Great deep dark brick-ish red color, super smooth, nice complex finish. Very balanced. Just the right amount of extraction. Great juice. I will certainly by more.


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like a sexy St Emilion !

Double decanted, over two nights, let it settle down for a week after purchase before popping it. 14.9% abv, big legs, small production of 3000 cases. A Meritage of mostly merlot, with some CS and a little malbec (!) too. On the first night, its showing the vanilla of the new oak. Second night it rounds out on the nose. Mostly dark fruit and flowers. Good 30 second finish on the palate which is well balanced between fruit and acid. I don't get any tannic structure. The SO admitted she liked this better tonight than yesterday, when she compared it unfavorably to a BV Tapestry we'd had the other night. (I pointed out that was not a fair comparison since the BV had 20 years of aging, and costs two to three times more.) Lot 468 tastes like a ripe, modern, sexy St Emilion to me -- I love Bordeaux so that's a compliment. I'd give this a B+ score and expect it to develop and improve a bit. I literally ordered more after finishing this bottle, but will leave those alone. It would be neat to see this in a blind lineup of either 2005 or 2009 St Emilions. btw, I think the descriptors on the label, while flowery, are pretty accurate and helpful cues for tasters. I don't know if there are contractual reasons, but it would be great to see the CH Lot series labels get the same kind of detailed information that Ridge provides on theirs (as an example). It seems to be available on the CH web site -- seems like it should not be too hard to add that to the back.


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Great Blend

Lot 468 is quite lively with great structure and decent complexity. Nice blue fruit and cherry notes, lovely wine.