Lot 443 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay
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Lot 443 | 2013 Monterey County


A bright, shimmering Chardonnay made in a rich, tropical style.


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Remarkable wine with an umami taste

First time customer of Cameron Hughes; had this at a friend's house with two other Chardonnays in the $0.00 range. 443 was the best of the three wines we had. Sweet on the palate but balanced by the acidity. Surprisingly, had an umami taste which made the wine richer. Remarkable wine especially for the price. I have become a convert to Cameron Hughes!


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Great Chard. Too bad it's gone!

Buttery with a nice medium amount of Oak. Agree with Honeysuckle and Citrus. Darn, have only two left.



Lot 443 was a great value. It replaced a chardonnay we enjoyed in the 300's numbers and both were bold but smooth to the finish...I picked up honeysuckle and caramel. Now that Lot 443 is sold out we have moved on to Lot 461 which we find similar in body but a bit more on the flinty side-another great value.


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Great - and not just a great value

We've been tending toward the lighter, Chablis-style Chards lately, but this was a nice surprise. Lush and buttery, not overly oaked, with great tropical fruit notes throughout. Going back in while it lasts!


Great chard!

Lush and buttery. This is a great wine for the price.


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I bought one bottle and am now ordering a case. My wife loved it. Very light and easy to drink. Delicious with fish and seafood.


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A very good value

A very good chardonnay for the price.


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I agree this is a full luscious wine. For the money no-one else comes close.
I did a blind taste test with 3 neighbors using 443 and a Sonoma chard very popular at $15 at Costco. CH beat LC hands down.

Rochester Bill

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Really good Chardonnay

My wife and I have always been partial to Monterey Chardonnays, and this is one of the finest. It is one of the best of all the CH chardonnays that we have tried, and that includes many excellent wines. It is pleasant, very easy drinking; it goes well with fish and fowl, but is also nice as a cocktail.


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Nice buttery taste.

My wife loves all your Chards with a buttery taste. This one is no exception. She loves it. Also the citrus fruit taste adds a wee bit of sweetness, but not too much. Just the right blend. Great with cheeses, fruits as well as the usual meats. Good for a summer afternoon sipping on the deck! Have yet to find a Chard from CH that is not great for our tastes.