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Lot 366 2010 St. Emilion
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Lot 366 | 2010 France

St. Emilion

A needle in the haystack from Bordeaux.


(17 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


17 Reviews Total


Cellared well

I had a great experience with this delicious wine. There was no run on the cork or sediment. The color was fabulous and it was full bodied and very nice.

Mark Ellis

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I had 5 bottles of this and opened one last night. Then opened another. All 5 were corked. I read the reviews and left one for 3-4 hours and still not good. Can’t win them all.


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Good value wine

Also had similar cork issues as reported in other reviews. Good wine after 3 hours in the decanter.


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Gone already?

Love this wine. Too bad it is already gone!


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Not up to Cam standard

Did not like it....just too tangy and not a pleasing drink. So we opened another Lot. Next day I tried 366 again and it was OK. So, for the remaining 5 bottles I had we opened them early and allowed the wine to calm down and breathe.


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Good value wine but not a show-stopper

A good everyday wine. Not a blow-you-away Bordeaux but very good and an excellent value for the price.


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stay away

Four bottles opened. All corks dry. Two disintegrated into bottle.
Barely drinkable. One poured down the drain.


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Not Right

I am comfortable in my taste in French wines, but this wasn't right. My three bottles were definitely "off" as the other reviews mention. Too bad as I've enjoyed other St Emilion wines.


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Take a chance and won!

I took a chance and ordered 2 cases. It was one of best buys I've made in many a year. I love St. Emilion and have been there a few years ago. It exceeded my expectations. Corks are a bit long and tough to pull out so take your time.
I agree it needs a little breathing and time in bottle. I either decant or use one of those aerators that are a little gimmicky, but do work to put some air in the wine as you pour.
I'm really happy with the wine and will enjoy a bottle from time to time.


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old world value

Definitely old world style. If you find it "off", then you probably prefer fruit forward CA merlot/blends. But if you are French you are probably gushing over the forest floor and graphite flavors. The reported dry corks might be a sign of questionable storage (hence the $14 price), so maybe not something you want to keep until the recommended 2020. Still, this has more powerful tannins at 5-years old than anything else I've drank this year. So I look forward to seeing how it mellows in a year or two. No question a great Bordeaux value.