Domaine Jacky Preys, Blanc Du Val De Loire "Silex" 2014
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Domaine Jacky Preys, Blanc Du Val De Loire "Silex" 2014

Sauvignon Blanc

One of the most interesting white wines ever offered in the store.


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Cam Confidential


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Great food wine

Citrus on the nose. Light yellow color. Medium dry with great balance. Worked well with summer salad and Chicken Picata. Would buy a case if it was still available. Much better with food than drinking by itself.


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Different, but fabulous Sauvignon Blanc

As usual, I watched Cam's video introducing his wine review with much anticipation. However, instead of the positive, everyone will love this wine, Cam's introduction of Silex was a challenge/ "if you're not sure you can handle this type of wine---don't go here"!! His words got me....I had to try!!!

Like his other recommendations, for me, this wine is wonderful!! As he stated, different from others you have tried, but a brilliant journey as you travel through the bottle!!! The essence of fruit and rock/soil are in every sip...very surprised at the truth in his review!

Thank you Cam---ordering a case this week!


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Different, but in all the good ways!

Insane aromatics. There has to be a healthy amount of Semillon in there for a SB to have such a rich mouth feel. If you thought all whites fall between the extremes of acidic and syrupy this is a nice departure from the usual path - full body, bright fruit and extreme minerality.


Interesting wine

Interesting interpretation of Sauv Blanc. Pepper, grass and Lemon dominate the wine and make for a fantastic addition to the table.

Ellen Bordin

Mouuth tingly delicious!

I love Sauvignon Blanc and was dissapointed to see Cam had sold out of Greenlip (my favorite) and Lot 507 also sold out. I am big fan of everything Cam so decided to try this wine. It is different - the taste is almost tart with a richly fruited finish. I have never had an SB like this so I bought a case.