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Cameron Hughes

Cameron Hughes

Cameron is direct, honest and passionate. He is a consumer advocate and founded Cameron Hughes Wine in 2001 to produce and deliver the best wine deals in the business. Since founding, the company and the wines have earned the praise of critics, competitions, and most important consumers like you. Read the press.

Cam has been in the wine business for a long time - born in to it growing up in Modesto, California. It is over the last 15 years that he has developed world-class relationships with growers, sellers, and winery owners to bring truly outstanding wines to the market.

If there is one way to describe Cam's personality - he is a straight shooter. Do not expect sugar coating, ever. Every single wine he puts out is a reflection of who he is and what he believes - exceptional wine, incredible price.

Watch Cameron on the CBS Morning Show to hear more about his founding of the company. Cam lives with Jessica Kogan, co-founder, business partner and life partner. 


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