Cameron Hughes

A consumer advocate, Cameron Hughes is passionate about bringing extreme wine value to wine drinkers at an affordable price.

Cameron grew up in Modesto in California's Central Valley, one of America's largest wine growing regions. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Cameron worked as a cellar rat but quickly realized that the production side of the business was not his passion; he was much better at selling.

Cameron worked at the Wine Group, then later at a French négociant and a South African importer; with these roles, he learned just enough to be dangerous. With an understanding of the bulk wine market and the négociant business model, he sought an opportunity to procure high end wines, bottle them, and sell them under his own label for a fraction of the cost.  Cameron founded Cameron Hughes Wine with his partner Jessica Kogan in 2001. In 2004, they launched the “Lot Series” with Lot 1, a Lodi Syrah.  More than a decade later, he’s produced over 600 unique Lot wines and the company has become the #1 selling online wine brand.

His straight-forward, friendly and knowledgeable approach may garner a sale, but he says it’s the quality of the wine at a great price that has consumers coming back for more.

Cameron lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has two fantastic daughters with partner Jessica Kogan and without question, the two most amazing labradors on planet earth!