How We Save You Money


Welcome to the Best Wine Journey of Your Life!

Cameron Hughes Wine was founded with a simple mission: offer great wines at affordable prices to everyone.

There are two challenges customers face when buying wine:

  1. High-end wine is expensive. The average price of a Napa Cabernet scoring 90+ points in Wine Spectator magazine is over $150/bottle, and typically passes through distributor and retailer hands before ever reaching the customer.
  2. Buying wine is confusing. Most folks stand in the wine aisle, stare at a huge wall of bottles, and eventually settle on a label that's interesting enough at an acceptable price and hope they aren't disappointed.

We aim to make these problems a thing of the past.

As a négociant (wine trader), we don't own vineyards or a winery - our focus is on purely finding the best wines and negotiating the best price for our customers. Through deep connections built over decades, we have access to top wineries and producers all over the world. We look in every cellar and barrel room, and peek behind every door that says "Employees Only." Sometimes we buy wine still in the barrel, and other times we buy "shiners" (wine already in a bottle with no label). Regardless of how we get it, the mission is simple: buy the best possible wine at the best possible price.

These deals are made discreetly, and typically protected by an agreement to keep the source winery undisclosed to protect their brand. Our wines are also only available online, direct to you - this means no distributor and retailer markups. The result? We're able to offer $100+ Napa Cabernets for a third of the price, or a $60 bottle of Pinot for under $20 (yes, the exact same wine sold under the original winery label).

Each wine we acquire is given a Lot number and sold under the Cameron Hughes label, beginning over a decade ago with Lot 1.

Think of us as your personal sommelier - we curate our store to constantly showcase a wide range of some of the world's best styles and winegrowing regions, and we promise that every wine we offer is a benchmark expression of the style and winegrowing region reflected on the label, at the best prices on the market.

We know there's a lot to choose from out there - anybody can put wine in a bottle, slap a label on it, and sell it online. But all we do is high-end wine at the best price, period. Our label is a guarantee of quality for every wine we offer.

Welcome - we're so glad you found us!