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Cameron Hughes Wine Clubs

Enjoy expert selections and exclusive access to award winning Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay, Red Blends, and everything in between delivered right to your door!

(43 Reviews)

Your account will be charged $10 which will automatically be converted to store credit. The price of each shipment will vary based on your selection below. 

Red Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $80 – $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $170 - $240, before tax + $10 shipping

Mixed Wines

  • 6 bottles: $80 - $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $140 - $240, before tax +$10 shipping

White Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $60 - $80, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $120 - $160, before tax + $10 shipping


43 Reviews Total

Jo Ann

Verified Purchase

Great wines

This is my second shipment, and I am impressed with every wine that I open! Highly recommend both for the value and the product


Verified Purchase

Just gets better

Been ordering now for 2 years, this just gets better. I love being able to order after drinking the monthly bottles of which ones I like the most. Def the best club to belong to. big range of wines depending on your taste.


Chard, Chard and more Chard

Ordered quite an assortment on my 1st order. Now i'm back for more. Haven't opened a bottle that I didn't like.


Verified Purchase

Lot 630 My first wine from your co.

Just awesome.


This is my 14th order of 540 this wine has very good flavor. thank you!

Excellent wine and fast shipping.


Verified Purchase

Rose Lot 639, a very good afternoon wine with a light snack!

Opened a bottle of Rose, Lot 639, 2017 from Arroyo Seco, Monterey County. Just the right wine for a late afternoon snack of fresh tomatoes out of our garden here in Virginia with fresh bread and cheese. The wine was light and crisp with no aftertaste. The Rose had light fruit notes of melon and slight tartness reminiscent of rhubarb. A great Sunday afternoon wine to celebrate missing hurricane Florence.


Verified Purchase


We are really enjoying the club. Havent had a bottle that we didnt like or LOVE.


Verified Purchase

Great wines

I was buying wine from Cameron for years, but eventually join the club. Great wines. I regret only one thing. I should join the club long time ago.


Verified Purchase


Have only had 2 of the 6 but so far we are really enjoying it! Such an amazing taste to them!


Verified Purchase

I don't have a drinking problem, I have a buying problem!

Thanks Cameron. My 42 bottle cellar will no longer hold all the delicious bottles of wine you send to me.

I take it as a personal challenge to enjoy them faster. ;)