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Cameron Hughes Wine Clubs

Enjoy expert selections and exclusive access to award winning Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay, Red Blends, and everything in between delivered right to your door!

(99 Reviews)

Your account will be charged $10 which will automatically be converted to store credit. The price of each shipment will vary based on your selection below. 

Red Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $80 – $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $170 - $240, before tax + free shipping

Mixed Wines

  • 6 bottles: $80 - $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $140 - $240, before tax + free shipping

White Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $60 - $80, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $120 - $160, before tax + free shipping


99 Reviews Total


Verified Purchase

Great mix

I have enjoyed the wines that I’ve been sent, the mix has been great and it’s allowed me to get a taste of some great bottles so I could go back and buy more


Verified Purchase

Bang for the Buck

Have been a club member for over ~2 years and have never been disappointed.


Verified Purchase

Enjoyed the mix

I signed up for all reds, just my preference. The selections I was sent were a great mix, awesome way to try a certain wine before buying more


Verified Purchase

nice mix

Great way to test out some wines before ordering a case


Verified Purchase

Great Value

We are regular case buyers of our favorites now, but the wine club is a great way to try new ones to replace the old favorites. Thanks for keeping it interesting!


Verified Purchase

Good Deal

I always try to pick the bargains. That's tough because you never disappoint and usually surprise us with a "find" at a good price. Recently, your Field Blend was outstanding. But too many others must have agreed with me because when I tried to buy was gone. Try and get some more and send me two cases before you announce its availability.


Verified Purchase

A pleasant surprise

I typically go with a cabernet, but decided to leave the selection up to fate and try the wine club. My first bottle I tried was Lot 704, a Pinot Noir, and what a surprise. I ended up drinking the entire bottle that same day. The CH wine club is a great way to branch out and try a curated wine selection at a reasonable price. Definitely going to continue with the CH wine club!


Verified Purchase

Featured Wines are Awesome!!!!

We enjoy trying many of the featured wines offered by Cameron Hughes. One of the latest wines featured was LOT 731, a Malbec, that is amazing. Last Sunday we paired this wine with a meal our daughter prepared---filet mignons, garlic smashed potatoes and a garden salad with greens and veggies picked from our garden. The Malbec really pulled the meal together and brought much joy to our family! We cannot believe how little we paid as members of the wine club for a great bottle of wine! Thank you Cameron Hughes!!!


Verified Purchase

Absolutely Delicious

We've been club members for about 6 months and have been very impressed with the quality of wine we have received. We will definitely continue.


Verified Purchase


One of the best I have tried. Ordering more, ASAP