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Cameron Hughes Wine Clubs

Enjoy expert selections and exclusive access to award winning Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay, Red Blends, and everything in between delivered right to your door!

(81 Reviews)

Your account will be charged $10 which will automatically be converted to store credit. The price of each shipment will vary based on your selection below. 

Red Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $80 – $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $170 - $240, before tax + free shipping

Mixed Wines

  • 6 bottles: $80 - $120, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $140 - $240, before tax + free shipping

White Wines Only

  • 6 bottles: $60 - $80, before tax + $5 shipping
  • 12 bottles: $120 - $160, before tax + free shipping


81 Reviews Total


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Love it

I've been a wine club member since Sept 2018, as soon as I moved into a state that allowed the shipment of wine, and have absolutely loved it. The selections from CH allow me to try new varieties I might not buy on my own, but the choice of red vs. whites vs. mixed gives you control over your preferences. If you're looking for a way to expand your horizons, this is it!


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New Club member

We have been buying wine from Cameron Hughes on a very regular basis for some time and always found the wines exceeded our expectations! With the great options of wine types and number of bottles available decided to join the club at the 6 bottle level so that we could continue to order and enjoy our personal favorites at the same time enjoy being introduced to new wines each quarter.


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A wine club for every taste

We joined the mixed club years ago and enjoyed being introduced to new wines each quarter. We’d stopped it only because we relocated. We definitely plan to rejoin.


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Pleased with every order

I am so pleased with Cameron Hughes. My lot 704- Pinot Noir and my Lot 683 Zin..just arrived and resting!
. All my orders have never failed to impress us or our guests. I have shared my thoughts with family and friends.
My cardiologist recommended you to me. He is a true believer. Bought a wine fridg just for my Cameron Hughes


Verified Purchase

2018 Cameron Hughes Lot 715 White Wine from Anderson Valley is a BIG HIT!!!

During the COVID-19 shelter in place order, our office is hosting an office happy hour on ZOOM every Friday afternoon. My husband, Mike and I, always introduce a new bottle of Cameron Hughes wine on Friday. Last Friday we tasted a bottle of Lot 715 and paired it with some cheese and crackers---It was wonderful!


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One of the better--and more enjoyable--decisions you could make

We joined the "red club" a few years ago. They are all at least good, most very good to excellent, and some truly outstanding. That was taste. For value, most are great. While I have my own preferences, I enjoy trying the club selections that I might not have ordered otherwise. Too often I drink some of the truly great (and cellar-worthy) wines too young; at least that lets me re-order before they are sold out. The others will often yield at least one that I am in time to buy in quantity after our home tasting.


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highly recommend doing this

Oh my! I just finished my first shipment of the Red wine club. I am truly kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Not only do you get a generous discount but you have the ability to preview delicious offerings so you can plan what you will order in the future. I high recommend joining. I started with the 6 bottle red per quarter. I plan on moving to 12 bottle mixed case at some time in the future. I dipped my foot in the pool and it is great.


Verified Purchase

Great value, great wine

Have ordered at least a dozen cases over the last 2 years. (Don’t judge, I occasionally share lol) I have only had one single bottle that I didn’t think was great. Love Cameron Hughes!


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Do it!

My friend had join this club a few years ago. He always brought the wine he got from CHW to are weekly dinner. I always enjoyed just about every bottle, but still Reluctant to join myself. Then he joined another wine club and began to bring their selection. They were far inferior, we both agreed. He canceled that one and I join this one. I am somewhat new to the wine world but I think I hit the jack pot with CHWC. Now working on my other friends and family.


Verified Purchase


Love the wine club. The club shipments have been introducing me to wines I might not have tried otherwise. We also have increased the quality of our daily wines considerably. It is easy to get used to drinking better wines.