Lot 736 2018 Sierra Foothills Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 736 | 2018 Sierra Foothills

Cabernet Sauvignon

A super Cabernet deal for under half the tasting room price!


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Cam Confidential


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A Stellar Value Wine

This is perhaps our favorite wine of our recent order. It was a terrific wine that stood on its own. And then that price, an amazing daily drinker that punches far above its price class. If there is a successor to this exact wine, I'd love to see it.

By the way, if the group at CHWines ever has some spare time (ha ha), it would be nice to know which wines are the successors to wines we have purchased in the past. That way, we could easily find wines similar to those we've enjoyed in the past. Maybe add a website functionality that would pop up for members saying, "this wine is similar to _____ that you ordered in 2020..." or something like that, or "customers who bought this wine, also liked _____ (insert lot numbers from past orders)." It may make things easier for some people.


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A Steak’s Best Friend

Just like many of my other reviews I pair my cans with steak entrees. This one is no exception and ties in perfectly!


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Super cab at a great price

Cherry/blueberry pastry on the nose. Dark cherries, mild acidity and medium cedar tannins on the palette. A nice fruity finish that ends on the dryer side. Very nice.


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Nice Cab

Definitely let this one breath a little, but as it opens it becomes more smooth. Medium to full bodied and great with steak.


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Full Body

Dark ruby color. Biases more on the crisp side. Wonderful mouth feel. Intense cherry some vanilla.


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Outstanding Casual Cabernet

Really enjoyed the fruit and smoothness of this Cabernet. Really good everyday Cab!


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Buy and share

Another Cameron Hughes wine that we found to be so good during during dinner with friends that it required a second bottle to enjoy with after dinner chatter. Really enjoyed this Cabernet!


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Solid Cab~

This is a good solid Cab and was even better after letting it breathe for a day.


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Great deal!

This wine was a steal for the price!! Agree with others to let it breathe a little, but extremely enjoyable! Sipped with cheese and olives and it was delicious!


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Solid Value

Super easy drinker, Rich enough without being too serious.