Lot 718 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Lot 718 | 2018 Russian River Valley


A classic Russian River Valley Chardonnay from one of the region's storied estates.


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Very good Chard

A little lighter but still crisp and full flavored. Enjoyed it with a chicken and Parmesan Sauce dish. Also worked well with our peaches and ice cream dessert.


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White to woo

From my favorite region, this chard is delightful with flavor to please, not overwhelm. Enjoy!


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Lovey Notes

I loved this Chardonnay. It has fruitiness and a little butter. It’s not big and heavy, and yet it lingers ever so nicely. For me, it was a perfect Chardonnay. I had it with a Greek salad and homemade hummus. I also drank it on its own for a cocktail hour and simply loved it.


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Tasty solo or with food

Enjoyed this one with a rich chicken dish with mustard/dill sauce, and then again the next day all by itself. Stands up nicely to rich/salty foods. Not sure I’ll buy more at $18 but glad to try it once in my club shipment.


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Great all round wine

Really enjoyed this wine. Had on a hot Texas evening with cheese and crackers. The only regret I had is it was not in a 1.75 liter bottle. Also was saddened by finding my daughter having the majority of this bottle. Found the flavor of several fruits tantalizing my taste buds.


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Good but not my all-time favorite.

Initially I didn’t care for this Chardonnay but as it warmed up in the glass it got much more approachable. Hints of apple and apricot but definitely don’t over chill this one.


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Well Balanced Chard with Some Zip

Enjoyed this wine on a hot summer day. Wonderful bouquet. Not too tannic or acidic like some Chards I've had. Long finish. A good value for the price.


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Too light for my taste

I had high hopes for this, but was disappointed. I like old-school buttery oakey Chards, and was hoping for that here. Instead, while I picked up a bit of that, it seemed really light overall. Rare that I'm disappointed in a CH bottle, but there you go.


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Great Chard!

My wife and I really enjoyed this bottle! Such great value!!


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Great wine