Lot 675 2017 Santa Barbara County Chardonnay

Lot 675 | 2017 Santa Barbara


Single block Chardonnay from the top vineyard in the entire Santa Maria Valley - absolutely stunning quality for price!


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Cam Confidential


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Delicious and great value

Really good wine and a perfect Summer style Chardonnay for the Summer.

Style-wise right in between an oaky, extracted butter bomb and a Summer Suav Blanc.

Citrus, a bit of oak, and some flintiness. Great flavor and some decent complexity.

As with most CH wines, great price / value. I always recommend to folks I introduce to CH to do a tasting with the CH wine against same priced recommendations from your wine store or grocer. An then throw in a bottle at 2x the price. CH always come out on top.


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A beautiful Chard

Just to say "chardonnay" these days says almost nothing--the grape is so versatile, both in terroir and winemakers style. This one is a real delight, what I call contemporary California--light oak, but mostly minerality and pear, with a touch of grapefruit, but no bitterness. Food friendly, a typical CH nose (spectacular). Not really a Chablis style, but if you like that, you'll love this one. I'll be buying more!


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Enjoyable Chard

This is a typical Santa Barbara chardonnay. Not buttery or oaky. It has a nice fruity taste and will be good for those late afternoon summer days,, sipping on the deck.


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Classic Santa Barbara

Having just visited the SB area in mid-March, I was excited to see this offering. I have ordered multiple bottles and been really pleased. Just a great expression of the varietal -- fruit and acid are in great balance with just a hint of oak. Ridiculous value for a wine of this quality!


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Not excessively "oaked" Chardonnay

Growing up in Europe, I am not excessively in love with the "classic" Californian buttery Chards. This lot reminds me of a French Chablis. Just a little bit of wood but some exciting minerality that is very hard to find otherwise. Love the apple and pear notes. Definitely a fan of this one. Phenomenal value for money, too.


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Not a chardonnay fan

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Chardonnay, particularly oaky ones. However, this was drinkable for me. Came in my shipment. Although I wouldn't seek it out, I would likely drink it again.


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One of the best whites we've had in sometime. Nice just sipping and also good with food. and yet did not break the bank!

DFW Collector

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My favorite wine from this club shipment. If California and Burgundy had a baby, it would probably look something like this.