Lot 638 2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot

Lot 638
2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot

Rarely produced as a single varietal, Petit Verdot is a bold, intense grape - this is our first ever release!
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Tight right out of the bottle, it quickly turns effusive, offering up a complex nose of plums, blackberry jam, currant, and violet backed by graphite and crushed red rock. The winemaker’s hand shines on the palate, where a seamless, supple entry showcases dark fruit and spice in a long and sustained finish. Never over the top, this wine nevertheless richly delivers on its deep, dark promise. Tremendous class and polish on full display.
Cam Confidential

Petit Verdot is a small grape with a naturally higher skin-to-juice ratio and darker color. These smaller, more intense clusters are a bit harder to ripen than Cabernet and more sensitive to mildew and frost, which has limited its appeal amongst growers. However, the climate and soils of Washington state’s high desert are ideal environs for this rare grape, and here it shines.

Sourced from a small, boutique producer in Red Mountain, Lot 638 is a purpose-built, single-vineyard designate Petit Verdot from one of the most respected vineyards in the Yakima Valley. Aged in French oak barrels and built for a $40+ price point, it’s a hell of a deal at $15 and screaming for a juicy ribeye.