Lot 638 2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot

Lot 638 | 2016 Yakima Valley

Petit Verdot

Rarely produced as a single varietal, Petit Verdot is a bold, intense grape - this is our first ever release!


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Very interesting but very good wine especially for the price.


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Good change of pace grape

Buying from CH over the years has exposed me to varietals I would likely never have tried. Petit Verdot is one of those grapes.

This wine is not for the faint of heart. It’s dark, brooding and astringent, like a Syrah on steroids or a Mourvèdre. They usually use this wine to stiffen up flabby Cabernets. it’s a great 180 from a OR Pinot on a cold winter night.

Interesting change of pace when looking for a change of pace wine. Good but not memorable


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Wonderful aromatics

I can see why Petit Verdot helps when blended, with wonderful aromatics. I noticed almost a flower like character and deep dark berry notes. Drinking is a pleasure after a bit of time to open. Classy. Sophisticated. I purchased this more then once, and great each time.


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Unusal Wine

A very solid wine. I've ordered it three times in the past 12 months. Usually a varietal used for blending - it's not available unblended in upstate NY, so CH is the only way for me to get it. Like it a lot.


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Hold for another year

I haven't had Petit Verdot in long time and was surprised with this one. Definitely this will get even better with one more in the cellar.


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First Time

Not only had I never tried Petit Verdot, I had never heard of it. I opened at a dinner and everyone loved, ordered more after that.


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Great experience

Never tried Petit Verdot on it's own, always in a blend. This was a pleasant surprise. Dry, Jammy, and just the right amount of oak. reminds me a little of a Cab franc. Will probably get even better with some time in the cellar.


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First time ordered this...

was pleasantly surprised! Will be ordering again.


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Red meat winner

This was such a pleasant surprise. Bold and delicious. We had with steak and immediately thought it was made for that.


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I ordered more

A real bargain for a fat juicy red. Goes great with steak and burgers.