Lot 638 2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot
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Lot 638 | 2016 Yakima Valley

Petit Verdot

Rarely produced as a single varietal, Petit Verdot is a bold, intense grape - this is our first ever release!


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First time trying a Petit Verdot

This was my first time trying a Petit Verdot (on its own rather than part of a blend) and I was very pleased. Bold with dark fruit and licorice notes. Very acidic and tannic (which I like). We opened the bottle and let it breathe for about an hour before tasting. It paired very well with the Italian meatlover's pizza we had for dinner.


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Wow!! The Petit Verdots from France are little tight but 638 from Washington does the trick! Very nice, inky refined wine!


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Wow, the tannins

Had this wine June 2020 (this is a tardy review), first time as a varietal. I can now see why it is usually used in a blend! After getting used to the early blast of tannins I could really appreciate the big fruit and long finish. Loved it with a New York strip. Actually Coravined the Lot 653 Red Hills Lake County petit verdot for comparison, finding them to be similar, and I will be drinking that one soon after ageing it a little longer (review to come).


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Inky, dark, fantastic value

Inky dark in the glass, this is a fantastic value. Of course, when I finally had the courage to try this grape I previously knew as a blending grape, I was pleasantly surprised, and depressed to find that it was sold out...


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Blackberry, full taste

On the nose getting hints of mint, blackberry and some florals, maybe violet. Mouthfeel is rich, more black fruit, tense tannins and a slate backdrop, long finish of fruit and very tight and dry. I like this one a lot


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Dark and sultry

The color grabs your attention, but the taste keeps it. Dry, dark tree fruit, and some late leather.


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Full on delicious

Really dark, opaque – almost black in the glass. The legs are few and far between but they show off the 14.4% alcohol nicely. On the nose there is sweet blackberries, mint, charcoal. The palate is as I hoped- dark, tannic and multilayered. Those blackberries reappear with iodine, violets and licorice. The tannins grip, a lot. They claw at my gums from the beginning to the end. This varietal is normally part of a blend due to its tannic frame, brooding fruit and structure- but I do enjoy it by itself. I get hankerings for a mouthfull of that dark, sweet fruit interlaced with hearty tannins. The mid palate and finish echo the theme nicely with a decent length ending of blackberry, tannins and a touch of oak. Delicious and powerful. 90 points and 5 stars for this $15 effort. Drink till 2026 with hearty meat dishes.


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This wine will be a great accompaniment to a steak.


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Strong- in a good way!

Loved this bold, flavorful wine and wish I would've gotten more before it sold out.


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Cracked this open and let it breathe for a good hour. Spectacular! Lots of dark red fruit. The wet mineral tones are ever so present. This is a great sipper. My only regret is I didn’t buy more. Great find!