Lot 638 2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot

Lot 638 | 2016 Yakima Valley

Petit Verdot

Rarely produced as a single varietal, Petit Verdot is a bold, intense grape - this is our first ever release!


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Really enjoyed this Petit Verdot

Always enjoy this PV. Always buy several bottles.


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Unusual wine

Unusual to drink this wine by itself. It is different and very tasty. Can't say I could be a fan but definitely worth trying for a change.


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One of my Favorites

Just a real nice full bodied wine. Deep thick color, really great with steaks and BBQ, and for the price it can't be beat.


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A great change of pace

A really great excuse to try something other than another cabernet, this wine has a gorgeous dark color with flavors of blackberry, plum and interesting hints of herbs and floral notes.


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My new favorite CH wine! Great immediately out of the bottle with taste that is complex but balanced with dark, rich flavor. Great pivot from a Cab


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A definite keeper

I didn't really know what to expect as I had never had a Petit Verdot but after watching the video I decided to order a couple of bottles. And I am glad I did as it is smooth with plenty of dark fruit. Will be getting more.


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I was not sure what to expect since I’m new to reds but pleasantly surprised. Nice complement with a sweet treat. Will definitely be purchasing more of this one.


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A tame petit Verdot

Don’t be afraid, this Verdot is quite embraceable


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Great Verdot

Have not had many Petit Verdots but really liked this one. Robust with a little fruit. Very full bodied . First taste blackberries and black plum. This wine would be very difficult to find in upstate NY. It is great that CH offers different wines like this.



Very nice Petit Verdot! I got a mouthful of vanilla. I always enjoyed this grape as part of a blend in some of my favorite Bordeaux's, but I am really happy it is produced as a stand alone.