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Lot 638 2016 Yakima Valley Petit Verdot
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Lot 638 | 2016 Yakima Valley

Petit Verdot

Rarely produced as a single varietal, Petit Verdot is a bold, intense grape - this is our first ever release!


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Cam Confidential


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Cracked this open and let it breathe for a good hour. Spectacular! Lots of dark red fruit. The wet mineral tones are ever so present. This is a great sipper. My only regret is I didn’t buy more. Great find!


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Full Bodied

Great full bodied red. At this price I am not surprised it sold out. Hoping its back soon


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We really enjoyed this one. We’re hoping you bring it back soon!


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We've ordered this wine 3 times because we love it so much


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Hitting all the right notes!

I'm a day late, and a dollar short right now, Because I did not buy any more of this earlier.


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Thanks, Cam...

for once again being so creative in your offerings to appeal to our collective diverse tastes. Being a big PETS fan, I had always been curious about single varietal Petite Verdot. WoW!! You once again presented the opportunity to try something new at a most reasonable price. Did not disappoint. A glorious purple, inky toothstainer of not too "plump", dry blue and black fruits. Hope you negotiate for more when this stock runs out.


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Big Red

Good solid full body red


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Great new experience

Petit Verdot is something I would have never tried had Cameron Hughes did not make this available. Thank you. What a great experience for people who want to expand your taste horizons. When poured it is very inky with a deep red almost purple color. The nose is of a black fruit and a lilac with hinds of soil aromas. The first taste is of blackcherry and plum. This is a very dry full bodied wine with a medium to long finish. Tannins and acidity are definitely present. With 14.4 % alcohol there is no overly hot sensation associated with higher alcohol wines . Unfortunately I only ordered only ordered two bottles. I will try to order more before it goes away.


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Really Nice

Ordered this as I had never had it as a standalone varietal. It was very well made a nicely balanced, but I can see what it's used more in blending.


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Very interesting but very good wine especially for the price.