Lot 622 2016 Columbia Valley Riesling
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Lot 622 | 2016 Columbia Valley


A delicious, top-shelf representation of what Washington state Riesling has to offer.

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My husband is the Riesling drinker and his go to is Fetzer.
He loves this wine and can really tell the difference in body and flavors.
I'm a Chardonnay Gal, but I got to tell you this wine is not bad and not too sweet.


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Hint of Honey

I got a hint of honey and some peach on first taste. It isn't sweet, but as Cam says it is "off dry". Good with spicy food, although I enjoyed it on its own as well.


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Not a Fan

While I enjoyed the hint of green apple, I found this Riesling to be overly sweet and a bit bland. I will not be ordering this one again.


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My new favorite white

This is an excellent, flavorful riesling. It's just sweet enough and goes well with meals or by itself. It quickly became my go-to white wine. I've ordered three cases so far!


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Crisp Finish

Didn't notice that this was an "off-dry" Riesling. So, wasn't thinking I would like this. But, overall, the sweetness isn't over the top and has a light touch (as opposed to syrupy). The best part of this wine for me was the finish. Nicely acidic which helps cut the sweetness and leaves me with a refreshing finish.


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Floral elegance

Rieslings are my favorite whites, and Washington is one of my favorite sources for New World rieslings. This one doesn't disappoint, with a flowery petrol nose and a burst of floral, apple, and stone fruit flavors. I like to pair these with spicy Indian or Thai dishes.


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Easy drinking. Not sweet at all. Well for me that is. Family enjoyed it.


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Great value

Another easy drinking light green apple wine. Good by itself or paired with a light fresh fish. Smooth on the palette and bright flavors.


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Worth a repeat

We probably need to experiment more with appropriate food pairings. We haven't tried a Riesling in a long time (we drink mostly dry wines) and found it to be a little sweeter than we anticipated. We won't give up on it and will try again.


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Another Winner!

This is a delicious Riesling with a wonderful nose (be sure to take it in and enjoy it) and a not-too-sweet flavor palate that includes apple, pear, and lemon. You will enjoy this one and it's a great value!