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Lot 477 2012 Lodi Field Blend
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Lot 477 | 2012 Lodi

Field Blend

Same blend as Lot 487! Fantastic juice from one of Lodi's best.


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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


12 Reviews Total


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Excellent wine

This wine is another example of CAM's picks turning out to be a slam dunk. While my husband and daughter liked the 487 a bit better, I personally did not notice any difference between the two. I am convinced that neither of them could distinguish between the two in a blind taste test. This blend is so smooth, well rounded, and goes down so well, even without any food. Amazing value at this price.


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The title may be seem simplistic and childish but on first sip after enjoying a bountiful nose ... you kinda' just think 'yummy' may I please have some more.
Fruity ... balance with medium finish. Try it you'll like if you go for fruity Zins.


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Very pleasant!

We've been drinking a fair amount of Pinot Noir so this is a nice change. Easy to consume on it's own ... and it paired nicely with our pasta last night.

I would buy more, but it's sold out. bjw


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Good wine not the best but good!

This wine is for people that is not into full bodied wine. Price point is good. Drink it when you are not trying to impress anyone.


Major Fruit Bomb

This is one of the most fruit forward wines that I have had in a long time. Not much structure but a good food wine. I am much more of a Cab lover so this wine did not do much for me.


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A satisfying wine at a good value

I'm a big fan of Cam's Field Blends, and those from Lodi and Lake County are a real value. Medium to full bodied wines with a fruit forward style and a nice, satisfying finish.


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Terrific Value Wine

If you love good wine but are on a bit of a budget (or if you buy a lot at once), look no further than the 477 Lodi Field Blend. Terrific character throughout the sip, smooth, but with a slight hint of smokiness to add some rustic grit. Pairs great with anything, and is a great addition when making marinara (I know, because I add a healthy pour every time I make mine!). Yes, it's on the lowest end of Cameron's price points, but it drinks like a mid-grade wine you'd buy anywhere else. Don't let the price keep you away from this great blend!


Verified Purchase

Great blend.

I usualy do not like blends but this one it an exception.
This one is great I love it.


DPIM...Don't Put in Mouth

Fruity is a euphemism for sweet in the Lodi blend.It has no character with no layers of flavor to enhance it. It is more suited for a meeting of the retired Ladies' quilting club. What was Cameron drinking when he gave it a thumbs up?


Excellent Value Wine

This will definitely please some on a blind taste. It is an excellent value, but I definitely prefer the higher price point wines. That said, I challenge you to find a better wine at $13 or less with some of the specials that the website runs.