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Lot 462  Monterey County Pinot Noir
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Lot 462 | 2013 Monterey County

Pinot Noir

From the same producer as Lot 442 - big, beautiful velvety Pinot.


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Cam Confidential


6 Reviews Total


Is this a Pinot?

I was surprised to find this Pinot tastes sweet. I just had a CHWine Field Blend which tastes sweet. Maybe I haven't had a lot of Pinot. But this one is definitely different from the ones I had before.


Verified Purchase

One. Star.

Unimpressive at first sip. Fortunately, air does it some good and it was passable after an hour or so. Can't call this value relative to all the other $15-19 CHW Pinot's that I've tried. Ditto Lauren's comments.


Pinot, Seriously?

Seemed way too intense for Pinot. The first CH Pinot I've ever run across. I expected something different. You know, like a Pinot.



I hate to write a bad review for CH as I am such a big fan! However, we were really disappointed with this purchase - and it was only $8 at Costco. To us, it tasted too much like a wine that we attempted to make in our garage that turned out to a be a failure. So many better options to choose from within CH - in my opinion, keep looking!


Bet you can't sip just once!

I've never been in love with pinots, but this one is excellent. Even before letting it breathe, from the first sip, it had an enjoyable fruity, spicy taste unlike other pinots I've tried. n
I don't know all the fancy words to describe wines, but I would buy a case of this one.

I would like to say that CH has re-introduce us to several wines that we previously stayed away from, including this one and a garnacha we bought a while back.


case purchase recommended

Nice balance of raspberry and cherry fruit, a little pepper on the finish. Astounding value. Definitely going back for case purchases.