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Lot 461 2013 Monterey County Chardonnay
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Lot 461 | 2013 Monterey County


Same producer as Gold-Medal Winning Lots 441 and 443!


(45 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


45 Reviews Total


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Nice Chardonnay

I really enjoyed this wine and the price was right.


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Balanced and Attractive

This wine is a perfect balance of pear/peachy fruit and citrus. It is clean tasting yet satisfying. Along with Lot 444 and 524 I used this wine at a large celebration gathering for our 50th wedding anniversary. It was a big hit with the guests.


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Very nice.

I'm a red drinker, but keep Chardonnay on hand for guests and an occasional mood for white. The price is right so thought I'd give it a try. Excellent! There will be another order!


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An easy, well-structured Chardonny

I stopped trying new Chardonnays for many years- I am not a fan of the overly oaky trend which lasted the last few decades. This one, however, is lovely. It's well structured with pineapple, honey and vanilla with a smooth, slightly buttery finish. It has depth and viscosity shown by it's noticeable legs. I'll be drinking it until it's sold out.


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I love that it has a smooth taste rather than the acidity/fruity

It is a great chardonnay, and it goes well with lot of lighter meals as well as just having a nice glass of wine bt itself. Hopefully there is more inventory to order.


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Good value

Not as good as Cam's chard but cheaper.


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Great "hot weather wine"

WE love this wine. Not too dry. Not to sweet. We are a fan of Monterey County Chards and this lives up to our high expectations.


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Impress yur friends!

I recently had some friends over and was telling them all about my experiences w Cameron Hughes wines. (Not a loser in the bunch!) We tried this 461 Chard so that I could prove my point. Everyone was thrilled and said it reminded them of a favorite $18 bottle that they purchase all the time. I converted a few that night:)


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Am a simple housewife, thus I love it and like to drink it.

I am not an expert at wine reviewing. So, as I said...I am just a simple housewife from Tennessee who loves this wine and love to drink it. Do not know oaky, buttery, dry....whatever.....just know I LOVE it.


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Lot 461 has now become our house wine replacing sold out 443. Lot 461 is a classic bold chardonnay-great value and has a nice flinty mineral aspect along with a nice hint of oak. We will keep ordering it!