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Here, you'll find the currently most popular wines in the store!

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Our Top Cabernets

Elite wines that typically retail at $100+/bottle under their original label - yours for a fraction of the price through the Lot program.

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Top Reviewed Wines

The highest rated wines in the store according to you, the customer.

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Award Winning Wines

Wines that have been awarded medals in top competitions.

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90+ Point Wines

Wines that have been scored 90 or more points from major publications, tasting panels, and competitions.

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Friends of Cam

A specially curated selection from some of our favorite wineries from around the world. Due to the tiny quantities available, each wine is offered under its original label.

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Fab Finds For $15

On a budget? Here you'll find all of our terrific wines priced at $15 and under!

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Staff Picks

Cam may have his personal favorites, but so does the rest of the team!

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