Greenlip is a very special brand for us – our first vintage-to-vintage Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. In 2012, we came across a producer in Marlborough whose wine we loved so much, we decided to partner with them and create an entirely new brand. Unlike the torrent of sugary, oaked-up New Zealand Sauv Blancs that have been flooding into the country’s wine aisles, Greenlip was not designed to appeal to a high-volume, one-size-fits-all mass market palate. It holds true to the classic taste that put Marlborough on the map in the first place – juicy, mouthwatering grapefruit and lime zest flavors rounded out with fresh minerality and perfect acidity. No fuss, no dumbed-down flavors.

Its namesake is the Greenlip Mussel. These beautiful bivalves are an iconic species native to New Zealand that reside in the waters of the Cook Straight – a body of water that borders Marlborough where the South Pacific and the Tasman Sea meet to create the maritime climate that makes Sauvignon Blanc from this region so special. We feel the name is a fitting tribute and a reflection of the originality of this incredible winemaking region.