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Great wine doesn't have to be expensive.

As a négociant (wine trader), we meet with top producers all over the world, look in every cellar and barrel room, peek behind every door that says "Employees Only." The mission is simple: buy the best possible wine for the best possible price.

Since we don't own vineyards or a winery, we focus on finding the best wine and negotiating the best price. It's a never ending treasure hunt to seek out the "needle in a haystack" wines, and it's not unusual for us to go through hundreds of samples before finding one that makes the cut.

All our deals are made discreetly and are typically protected by an agreement to keep the source producer or winery's name secret – it's how we can offer a $150 Napa Cab for $30 a bottle, or a $60 bottle of Pinot for under $20.