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Villa Montignana 2010 "Montignana" Chianti Classico Riserva
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Villa Montignana 2010 "Montignana" Chianti Classico Riserva


Chianti Riserva sourced from 40 year old vines - a smooth, ripe, velvety Italian beauty.


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Cam Confidential


9 Reviews Total


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Bit of a heartbreaker ...

Got this because Cam's writeup was so enthusiastic, and I hadn't had a substantial and real-Italian Chianti for a while. So I bought a case of it. Y'know, the taste is nothing special, the acidity not particularly pleasant; at least it's well aged. But nothing that I'd choose to repeat, and like reviewer Bruce, I think this one was praised too highly. I know the business is selling wine, but I'd urge a bit more caution, so we who believe don't get sucked in!


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There are some really good Chianti Reservas available for under $20. This is not one of them. It pours dark and drinks okay, but lacks any complexity. I buy Chianti Reserva for under $10 that is better than this. Were it not for the bottle I don't think I would have known it was a Chianti. The best I can say for it is there were no "off" flavors. Drinkable, but completely unremarkable.


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Great nose leading to a wonderful finish. Full bodied with a nice oaky tint. Love d it!

Opened it for some dinner guests and everyone raved about it. I told everyone it was one of my special picks . . . but then confessed that that's why I'm a member of a wine club . . . I let CH do the pickin'.

Mad Mike

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Swing and a miss.

Nothing redeeming about this wine. Perhaps too long in the bottle. Love ya Cam. Don't love this.


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Great Chianti

I really enjoyed this Chianti Classico Riserva. I thought it was an excellent expression of Sangiovese, without any grassy notes that you might expect at this price point.


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Cam Does Italy

Decant and let it breath for an hour. Opens nicely. Paired very well with a hearty Italian dinner, as it should. I have enjoyed the Italian offers from Cam in recent months, which have included the Malvasia Bianca, Barollo, Barbaresco, and this Chianti.


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Not bad

I am not a huge Chianti fan. I like my reds a little “fatter”.
This one is a little better than average.


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Needs a good decant!

This wine becomes a really good Chianti after a four hour or more decant. It is really good with or without food.


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This wine was really oversold in the tasting notes. Could have bought an Italian red that tasted like this for under $20 in any wine store. For $16 it's hard to be upset, but I'm sticking with the normal "LOT" series vs these closeouts from other producers.