The Trade Room

The Trade Room

The goal of the Trade Room is to provide you prompt access to information about our wines. We understandhow important it is to find the materials you need quickly. Below you'll find assets that are traditionally requested.

If you are unable to find something you need, please email: Rob Eddlemon.

Lara Abbott, VP of Marketing Services
phone: 415-659-9053

CHW Highlights

Friday, Jul 21 2017
In this entertaining and informational live TV segment, Cameron shares how to spit wine, why white wine is typically less expensive and how and why to decant.
Tuesday, Jul 18 2017
Cameron shares with morning hosts Jason Harper and Page Fehling how to properly taste (and spit!) wine in this entertaining live TV segment from this morning.
Tuesday, Jun 27 2017
Cam shares explains the CHW business model and highlights the great deals he can offer direct to consumer - for example, Lot 609 Stagecoach Cabernet, other labels making wine from that vineyard sell for $150, we sell from the same source for $35.

In-Store Tasting request

Please complete and email demo request form to schedule an event at your location. Please note we require 10-14 days notice and the store must have inventory of 10 cases or more. You will receive confirmation of your tasting via email!

Please complete the request form to schedule an event at your location.