Decoded: A Brief History of Moscato

You’ve emailed, you’ve called, you’ve made it the number one searched term on our site, you’ve begged us, pleaded with us, and even tried to barter with us, and all of your hard-fought desires and dreams come true.  Tomorrow.  Moscato d’Asti is back! Before you take up battle…


In honor of Oregon Wine Month and tomorrows Cinco de Mayo festivities, we at the office decided to make sangria to celebrate!  Well, let’s be honest, we wanted to make sangria… An old family recipe from El Salvador – that dates back 3 generations – has taught us…

Wine Decoded: Oak vs. Stainless Steel

If you’ve ever purchased wine in a restaurant or wine shop where a Sales Associate was in tow, I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again the mention of oak aged or stainless steel aged in regard to the wines.  American oak, French oak, Hungarian oak, stainless steel,…

What We Are Listening To – May 2018

Our staff’s diversity and reflected musical interests always make for a fun week at the office splitting time over the speakers and sharing great music from the yesteryears to today. Below is each staff member’s contribution. The playlists are public on Spotify, so please feel free to add…

It’s Oregon Wine Month!

To begin celebrating Oregon Wine Month here at Cameron Hughes Wine, we’d like to take a little time to discuss the ever-more-decorated state’s history and breakdown it’s Willamette Valley appellation. An overview: The story of Oregon Pinot and the Willamette Valley (in an organized fashion) begin with a…

Our Guide To San Francisco: Great Eats!

In the same vein of the great values in combination with great tasting wines we offer our customers as a Négociant, we want to offer an installment in our “Guide To…” series by focusing on our favorite local great eats.  While we can’t tell you who is supplying…

Jelly Beans

Tom, our very own in-house Rick Flair WOOO!!! offers up his personal playlist of pumped-up jams that keep him going after the 3pm slump.  Follow the playlist to keep up with his wild musical tastes!  ***Updated regularly***

Ryan Eats Music

Ryan the Interwebz & Descriptacommunications Guy presents his most refined musical ear’s treats for the eclectic listener. Follow the playlist to make your brain hurt and question your reality!  ***Updated regularly***

Katie’s Current Vibes

Katie, our resident Color Enthusiast, is sharing her personal playlist for you to get lost in the sonic world she floats in and out of on a daily basis.  Follow the playlist to keep up with her fresh musical stylings!  ***Updated regularly***

Don’t Judge

Caroline, resident Brit and Crayola Specialist gifts unto us her massif playlist packed with full albums – for she is a firm believer in getting into the groove!  Follow the playlist and don’t judge!  ***Updated regularly***