Welcome to the Wineocracy!

Hey there folks,

Thanks for taking a moment to watch my new video.  I know what you’re thinking – where did I come up with this crazy idea, right? And why “Wineocracy?”

A marriage of the words “wine” and “democracy”, Wineocracy is the essence of what I’ve been doing since the day that I launched the Cameron Hughes Lot Series – making the best wines accessible and affordable to everyone, and not just a privileged few. I think that everyone should have the chance to drink the best wines!

For over a decade my team and I have searched far and wide, meeting with top wineries and producers all over the world in a never-ending hunt for incredible wine deals. We’re so grateful for the thousands of you that have joined us on this journey along the way.

Welcome to the Wineocracy, where the finest wines are curated and delivered to your home or office door!


Videos Introduction

It’s hard to believe, but for the last 9+ years, Cam has been making videos to support his drinking habit.  I know what you’re thinking, I’d be mortified of a video of me drinking surfaced from almost a decade ago.  But what separates him from the rest of us, is his ability to educate, show a bit of his cool-calm demeanor, take us places we’d nary travel on our wine journeys, and spit (that one little trick when wine tasting en masse that separates the professionals from the wedding parties).  It only seems appropriate to start at the beginning, so here we’ve scoured the video archives to find this – ironically titled – video from roughly 10 years ago, “Tasting Room”

I can attest that even a decade later, this is still relevant in how we do what we do, and how it passes on to our customers.  Many businesses change their look, shape, and model over a 10-year period, but Cam has stayed true to his original vision, and this video is an excellent testament to that fact.