What’s Refer-A-Friend?

Refer-A-Friend is a way for us to thank our loyal customers! For every new online customer that you introduce to us, your account will earn $50 worth in Reward Points!

How does it work?

Step 1)
When logged into your "My Account" page, you can now see the "Refer A Friend" field in the left hand navigation bar. All you need to do is enter the email addresses of anyone who you think would enjoy our wine as much as you!

Step 2) Once your friend follows your custom invite link and places an order (of $50 or more), your account will automatically be awarded $50 worth in Rewards Points once that order ships out! Please note this only applies to their FIRST order, and if their order is placed as a GUEST CHECKOUT order, the points will not be awarded.

There is no limit to how many points you can earn!

Do I earn the $50 credit if my friend’s order uses a coupon?
Yes! As long as the billed amount is $50 or more, your account will receive the $50 credit.

Where can I see how many points I’ve earned?
You can see your current Rewards Points balance in the Reward Points section of your account. You are also welcome to call us at 800-805-1971 if you need assistance.

How do I use my Reward Points?
You can redeem your Reward Points at checkout. You’ll see an option to apply your points to an order under the “Payment Information” section during checkout.

Are Reward Points the same as Store Credit?
No – Reward Points are separate from Store Credit, but both can be applied to a purchase.

When do Reward Points expire?
Reward Points will expire after 6 consecutive months without a purchase at Each purchase resets the 6 month clock.

That's it! If you've ever brought Cameron Hughes wine to a dinner party, happy hour, or any kind of get together and were met with rave reviews, now is the perfect time to get those fellow wine-drinkers fully on board. Spread the Cameron Hughes wealth and get rewarded!

Cameron Hughes Wine reserves the right to pause, modify, or terminate this program at any time. Abuse of Refer-A-Friend program will result in reset of Reward Points balance and possible account suspension.