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Recchiuti Chocolate Box

The perfect pairing for any CHW wine selection - a 9 piece box of Recchiuti chocolate!

A couple of years ago, Cameron and Jess were walking through the Ferry Building in San Francisco where local San Franciscan artisan producers from chocolate to cheese feature their wares. There they discovered Michael Recchiuti and his brilliantly infused ganaches.

Enjoy this incredible nine piece box of hand selected Michael Recchiuti chocolates with wine or on their own!

Included in this chocolate sampler:

  • Star Anise & Pink Peppercorn - Star anise and pink peppercorn infusion blended with milk and dark chocolate.
  • Cardamom Nougat - Cardamom infused Madagascar ganache topped with crunchy bits of cacao nib nougat. Enrobed in pure bittersweet chocolate.
  • Bergamot Tea - 70% dark chocolate blended with Ceylon tea and bergamot oil infusion.
  • Rose Caramel - Delicate rose geranium oil swirled into light buttery caramel. Cast in a white chocolate and capped with bittersweet chocolate.
  • Fleur De Sel - Chewy burnt caramel flecked with fleur de sel (French sea salt).
  • Piedmont Hazelnut - Whole, toasted hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy surrounded by a milk chocolate gianuja filing. Cast in a pure milk chocolate.
  • Kona Coffee - Dark milk chocolate ganache infused with 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee beans garnished with a gold leaf.
  • Venezuelan Varietal - Pure, delicate nut and caramel tones.Raspberry - Raspberries steeped in fresh cream and blended with 70% dark chocolate.