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Private Reserve Collection
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Private Reserve Collection

Quite simply the greatest score in Cameron Hughes Wine history.


"In their own way, each is distinctive, showing Napa’s classic Cabernet luxe."
– Steve Heimoff


“Cameron’s Cabernet is on par with the ‘best’ from Napa - Continuum, Opus One. Fantastic.”
– Joel Riddell, Dining Around


"Tremendous value, and it would be an outstanding Christmas gift if you have somebody on your list who 1) likes Napa Cabs and 2) You don't mind spending $400 on." - Blake Gray, the Gray Report


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Loving CH in Palos Verdes

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Very happy with CH's Private Reserve wines

Cameron Hughes' lucky find/negotiation to purchase these Cult Cab quality wines as a vertical is amazing to me. I've purchased three full sets of these six-bottle, wood-encased verticals. While I haven't yet opened all years, my wife and I (and our friends) have thoroughly enjoyed each wine we have. We have loved the 2006, 2008, and 2009 so far and are happy we have more of those vintages with our multiple sets. As a 20+ year fine wine collector, I will say that I have purchased single 750ml bottles of wine for more than $399 that taste barely better than any one bottle of these wines. We'll keep buying these sets until CH runs out. It is a steal of a deal. Cheers.



Going crazy trying to figure out what winery this might have come from. Regardless, all the wines are clearly top quality and very well made. If you like Napa Cab, these are worth it!


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The makings of a great evening!

We bought the set based on our years of great experience with Cameron Hughes wines. The set did not disappoint--and made for a very festive evening with five other couples. We all tasted, described, and ranked the wines. But mostly, we just enjoyed great company, food , and wine. For $400 split between six couples, it made for an affordable and really fun evening.

Great job as always, Cameron and team!


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I bought two of these sets. We just finished one last night. All I can say is if you are a Cab aficionado, this is a jackpot. All years were terrific, but the 08 was my favorite. I shared some of these bottles with friends--no food to accompany the wines, just sitting around, enjoying the bottles on their own. Awesome!


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Started with the 2006...

As with many, we started with the 2006 from our vertical. Also as universally recommended, this was very buttoned-up even after an hour decant. However, the nose was amazing. Black cherry and tobacco were the predominant essences I detected, but regardless it was complex and very interesting. After another hour or so, the wine came around to match the nose in complexity. It was a very good experience overall, and we look forward to experiencing the differences between the vintages as time goes on.


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OK.. but not 50 a bottle ok..

I've bought a lot of wine from CH over the past few years and I like there selection a lot so when this offer came out I thought - OK I gotta go get it! Meh.. Not so much. The wines are ok, but frankly I've had much (much) better from CH and paid 1/2 as much. They are Ok, but not great.. This taught me an important lesson; Don't guess at great wine - There is a reason you're paying for that label so YOU KNOW what you're getting. I'll likely not do another bottle with CH over $31 because anything over that - I'd rather pay extra and know what I am getting.


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Opened the 2006 bottle at a party last night with some friends. It was smooth and velvety and the best glass of wine I ever remember having.


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Great wines---Buy more

My wife and I along with two other couples tasted all six bottles over a period of 4 four hours. Each of us had six glasses in front of us and were able to go back and forth between the different years.
Our favorites changed throughout the tasting-lots of spirited discussion. The bottomline was that we need to do it again.
A week later I put the 2007 up against a 2004 Beringer Private Reserve and a Hughes Wellman 2007. The Beringer and 2007 were very similar the Hughes Wellman more fruit forward. As an aside, the Beringer carries a 93 rating.


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2006 heavy alcohol nose and astringent on open, much better after decanting

Compared the 2006 Private Reserve with a 2006 Oakville Cab from Game Ranch vineyard. We sampled both immediately after opening, then poured them into decanters and let them sit at room temp while we went out for dinner. The higher alcohol level in the CH-PR initially overpowered the bouquet. Decanting really smoothed out the tannins and the flavors really came to life after a bit of dark chocolate. The G/R was drinkable immediately with quite a long finish, though any differences between the two diminished as the evening wore on.


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4.5 stars

Have only had 07 so farand will try 08 this weekend. 07 big full typical California cab Took about 20 minutes to open up with great fruit and some graphite. Tannins very smooth. Will order more after 2008 taste.