Private Reserve 2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

92 pts & Gold Medal, Critics Challenge 2016; A cult Cabernet from Oakville, Rutherford, and St Helena's best vineyards.


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Michael O

Best of Six Pack

We drank the six pack of cabernets last week with some rib-eyes on the grill. The 2012 was big, bold and ready to go. This was a true Napa valley cab. The hold CH six pack was great. Hope they come out with another vertical of wine.


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Really great!

Baking spices with some mocha, caramel, and smoke on the nose. Great, BIG, smooth drink. So good! I had a bottle of The Federalist after this... Just swill. Seriously, a completely different beverage. Alright, that's not a surprise, but my point is this bottle is worth the investment. It's not just an overpriced bottle. This is simply in a different class and is worth being in the Private Reserve. My budget just does not allow for a lot of wine of this kind, but this is amazing stuff. Worth saving up for and buying more.


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Incredible value

I am the classic wine collector/accumulator. I have a true love hate relationship with this wine. The love speaks for itself. It is full bodied with a silky finish, robust fruit and complexity that you typically spend at least 200-300 hundred to find. Frankly I’ve paid much more than that for wines I truly enjoyed but not as much as this! On the hate side, this wine is a perfect example why you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to have an inbibing experience that will stand up to any of the best wines in the world. So unless you are mad at your money, there is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for a world class wine experience.

Johnny D

still an infant

opened a bottle of this highly extracted but massively tannic cab the other night, giving it an hour to breathe, vs 2012 Jordan and Coombsville (CH) cabs. Coombsville was universal group favorite, followed by Jordan, then the CH Private Reserve. All great wines but this is just not ready to drink. However, we followed up 1 and 2 days later, and the wine continued to improve. I think this one needs 5 - 10 years of cellaring, but expect it will be worth the wait.


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Excellent Drinking Cabernet Sauvignon of Good Value

Although this Private Reserve was an excellent drinking Cabernet Sauvignon--the value is only rated as good because there was only a perceived marginal difference between this Private Reserve and the excellent quality of the Cameron Hughes Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the $20 to $30 price range.


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Worth the spend

We purchased the 12 year when it came out along with the other Private Stock years. This was our favorite and bought again on Black Friday sale!


Splendidly potent

Tremendous trip away from the norm - I like to imagine half an acre of vines were used for each is an experience, a journey; likely still on the youthful side today, it will be fascinating to experience my others down the road. Suitably impressed.


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Not nearly a $75 bottle of wine.



One of the best ever

This isn't just one of the best that CHWine has produced, it's one of the finest wines I've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

We gave this a nice 3-hour decant, and had it with a grilled filet. It just sings! So perfectly balanced, and a silky mouthfeel... I could easily mistake this for a $200-$250 bottle from the cream of the Napa crop. I'll definitely go back for more.


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you will want to have a bottle per person

This is the 2nd bottle ive got from Hughes. was so pleased with 1st, signed up for the club and ordered theses on the sale from black Friday sale. 1st thing I noticed on opening the bottles it was lighter when I smelled the cork ( scared me ) but after 1st taste in glass upon opening its flavor was complex. But did need to let sit and breathe as always do ( I open my wine 30 to 45 mins before drinking always, taste, smell then let bottle rest )

The start off of this wine goes as smooth as drinking a merlot. It has a good dark berry flavor but not too dry. after a few more sips start to feel more of the dry feel of a cab. I'm used to really peppery touches at 1st taste, this didn't, was nice, smooth clean. I didn't notice the mocha that it describes on review too much. But the dark fruits with the light lingering after taste made very enjoyable.

Big thing I feel you wont want to share lol. Its something when its gone will want more. I personally had a hard time not to finish the bottle to save for friends to try.( would of rated higher but cost for an everyday drinking wine is kind of high, but worth it!!)