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Private Reserve 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Private Reserve 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

A cult Cabernet from Oakville, Rutherford, and St Helena's best vineyards.


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Cam Confidential


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Great Complexity, But Might Be Past Its Prime

The nose is big, and has all the great hallmarks of a Napa style Cab...great French Oak musk, some floral notes. We decanted for a few hours before drinking, and the first few sips were just dynamite. Jammier, and maybe a touch on the sweet side, this still was a huge wine, with literally everything you look for: black berry fruit, earthy minerality, graphite, some subtle spice. The finish was awesome...really hung for a while, and the oak is still nicely pronounced (my style...don't like balanced wines).


Napa Cab Steal

Outstanding and an unbelievable value. Intense, complex, and decadent.


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I opened this bottle yesterday, an abundance of tannins and fruit. This bottle can easily rest for another 10 years or more, but I couldn't wait to try it.
I decanted it for an hour and a half and wow! Great bottle.


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A great bottle of wine

The entire line of CH Private Reserve wines beginning with 2006 thru 2012, is like all great wines and needs to set in the wine refrig for 10-20 years. The 2006 was fabulous, and, the 2008 is just now coming into its optimum aging process. All my wine buddies agreed that the 2008 is very close to the quality of the 2006.


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Nice wine.

I shared this wine with the same friends that we had with the 2006 vintage and we all really liked it, but there was something 2006 that bumps it just slightly ahead of the 2008.


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kick ass cab -

It was a special occasion and the wine was spectacular. It went really well with our Italian dinner - it complemented the red sauce and had a great silky smooth taste - wish I had got more-



Compared to the other vintages in the Private Reserve lineup, this one seems to be the most elegant and refined (for a napa cab). Not an old-world wine by any means, but rather slightly less "large" than your typical cult Cabernet.


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Good, but not great

The 2008 was not as balanced as the 2006. I thought it tasted concentrated and jammy, which normally I like and Silvia does not. There was an additional bit of flavor which I could not identify, but it made the wine just a bit off-putting.


bordeaux styled

I found this to be a very nice wine. I did find it to be much more in the style of bordeaux rather than a "cult" style cabernet. If this is your style of wine, I would highly recommend it. It's drinking well, tannins have subsided and everything is in balance.

Ann Drew

Herbal and Structured

The '08 might be the most interesting of the bunch--I think it's the most elegant and understated of the Private Reserve lineup. The oak isn't overpowering, and the fruit is more subtle than in other years. That's not to say this is a 'light' wine, it's just more shy right out of the bottle.