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Apparently, 35% of People Think It's Totally Fine to Drink During Pregnancy
Thursday, Jul 12 2018
- Thirty-five percent of people say it's okay to drink while pregnant, according to a new survey from Cameron Hughes Wine. - The other 65 percent of people say you should never drink during pregnancy. - Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in various health issues like fetal alcohol syndrome or neurological and behavioral issues, according to numerous medical...
The Best Rosé Wines You Can Buy for Less Than $20
Sunday, Jun 10 2018
Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 647 - This wine starts with strawberry and lilac aromas, then opens up to hints of cantaloupe, blood orange, and watermelon—the perfect summer wine that you can snag for less than you pay for takeout.
The $15 Bottle of Wine Your Summer Needs
Friday, Jun 01 2018
In the heyday of rosé, don't forget about the reliable, easy-going bottle of white that's always been there for you. Stock up with a crowd-pleasing dry varietal that's also wallet-friendly. This internet-only distributer sources grapes from around the world, and what they save in vineyard square footage allows for low sticker prices. Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 590 2016...
Cameron Hughes Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 613 – Tannic and Tasty!
Monday, May 07 2018
Did you catch us on the Reverse Wine Snob's blog... Read the glowing review of Lot 613!
Spotted again on TV - 'You Me Her'
Friday, Apr 20 2018
Did you spot us again? Cameron Hughes Wine was featured in an episode of YOU ME HER titled "Inconceivable!"
Spotted on HBO Barry!
Thursday, Apr 12 2018
Did you spot us on the recent episode of Barry?
TODAY Show - Megyn Kelly TODAY
Tuesday, Mar 27 2018
Continuing Megyn Kelly’s Big Applepalooza, a month-long celebration of New York City, members of the Megyn Kelly TODAY studio audience receive $55 gift cards to Cameron Hughes Wine.
Thursday, Mar 15 2018
Cameron Hughes Wine not only has some of the highest quality wines at a fraction of the price (think $100+ bottles of wine for less than $30!), but the wine company has also partnered with beloved gummy bear purveyor Sugarfina and iconic chocolatier Christopher Elbow to sweeten up gift lists for the connoisseurs in your life.
The Essentials of Hosting a Successful Friendsmas Party
Thursday, Mar 15 2018
Holiday cheer is in the air and it’s to throw your most epic party of the entire year with your very own Friendsmas party. If you’re like us, you’ll probably be attending several fun holiday parties from now through New Year’s Eve. Everyone else’s party will pretty much be the same, but this is the year that your party will be the one everyone remembers for the next...
Five Awesome Wine and Cheese Pairings for the Holiday Season
Thursday, Mar 15 2018
Now that December’s here, you can expect a month full of holiday parties. Whether you’re hosting a gathering yourself or looking for something to nosh on when at a friend’s party, you can’t go wrong with pairing wine and cheese. Not only is the dynamic duo easy to prepare (all that requires is a trip to the grocery store and some plating skills), but it’s also a...


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