Dear Friends,
Welcome to the newly re-designed Website of Cameron Hughes Wine. This has been a long time coming, in development for more than a year. We have made some major changes, and I hope it feels to you like an improved, more elegant, and easier-to-shop site. I realize like anything new, it will take sometime to get used to it.
We are here to help, always. Our customer service team is the best - so please call with questions or if you need any assistance at +800.805.1971.  Do you have feedback, suggestions, compliments or complaints?  Please use the Feedback button found on the right-hand side of every page to let us know what you think.
Now, here are some of the big changes:

Commerce cart
 - The checkout is new and it is awesome - we promise. If you have an account with us, your data was safely transferred to our new site.

Product features  - Now you can get very specific information on each product in one view including awards, geography, press, recipes and more.
Filtering - You can now search by flavor, dollars, varietal, region, style - a much more robust search capability.
Browsing - In general the new layout is simple and elegant and this makes shopping for wine less-cluttered and more freeing - we hope you enjoy the new design.
Recommendations  - Inspired by the incredible data algorithms on Amazon, we have applied the same filter for when you log in - recommendations will show up based on your last purchases.
Thanks for your loyalty and love of our wines - it is a real honor to be your chosen wine brand. 
Happy shopping!