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Musto Carmelitano 2014 Aglianico del Vulture ‘Maschitano Rosso’
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Musto Carmelitano 2014 Aglianico del Vulture ‘Maschitano Rosso’


A delicious offering from southern Italy, made by a family that has been caretakers of the vines for over 100 years.


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Cam Confidential


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Deliciously dry

This wine is smoky, dry, but fruit forward, like a sweet plum rolled in cocoa powder. Delicious and a good value.


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Something different

My first time with Aglianico and though unusual flavor profile, I've enjoyed it. Full bodied and tannic with flavors of leather and black fruit. Earthy.


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A unusual taste

This is the first wine I have ever tasted that had a cigar flavor, not tobacco! A very unique taste. If you are a tobacco user this wine should be your drink, food not necessary. It may age well over the years? It is unique enough that I would buy another case just to hold.


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A Different Wine

Like many wines from Italy, this grape is something that is entirely unknown to most of us.
The Aglianico is grape new to me. The wine looks good in the glass and is a bit astringent on the nose.
I must say that we've tried two bottles; my wife enjoys it but I'm mystified by the taste. It's like no wine I've ever tried...a truly different taste. Cam says there's asphalt on the nose and, IMO, maybe this is the overwhelming taste.
I'm glad I tried it but not certain I'd look for it again. Unique and on the edge; I'd be interested in other comments.