Lot 93 2004 Rioja Tempranillo

Lot 93
2004 Rioja Tempranillo

Lot 93 2004 Rioja Tempranillo
Holy cow--you've never smelled a wine like this. It's like dessert on the nose with huge notes of toasty vanilla oak, chocolate, cigar smoke, and molten licorice. The wine soars across your palate with immense complexity, mingling chocolate, earth, and licorice gumdrops. It's massively structured, intense and concentrated with big, grainy tannins that are perfectly melded to a mineral component, cigar smoke, toffee, and earthy fruit. The finish goes on and on for 2 to 3 minutes with excellent focus and concentration. Magnificent.

Style: Full, Bold

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Posted by: Stacy
On: 4/15/15

Best Ever Rioja

We finished off our last two bottles of this tremendous wine over the last eight months, and it's a shame it is long gone! It was OK, but not yet great when we first bought it, and reached incredible heights over the last four years. As we usually do, we open a new wine when we get it, to decide if we want to order more. Then we pick a "drink by" date based on the way it evolves.

The nose on this wine was oak-y, a little dirt (a good thing!), and incredible perfume. I think it blasts half the flavors on our favorite tasting wheel, and had nice long finish--and some dregs.

We got hooked on Rioja Reservas in the early 1980s, and this one tastes not only more like a Reserva, but maybe even our best one ever! Cam, please go back and find more! And while you are at it, find us more Duero, Toro and Priorat reds!

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