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Lot 825 2020 Napa Valley White Meritage

Lot 825 | 2020 Napa Valley

White Blend

A rare, elegant white blend from an outstanding Rutherford estate.


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Cam Confidential


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Superb classic white

Like a fellow reviewer, my wife and I have enjoyed breaking the 5-7 day nap rule and we dove immediately into 825 and 810. Both wines are superb and what is even more impressive is how the understandably hyperbolic descriptions of both wines are really on target. This 825 is perfectly balanced in every part of the drinking experience and the 810 is sassier, and yes, New Zealand is in there somewhere. In a sense whites have less maneuvering room than reds for attaining the sweet/tart balance you want, so these two wines represent very different worlds - both wonderful.


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Smooth and easy to enjoy

A lovely blend by a competent winemaker. When they make it seem simple and easy one knows that it took a lot of talent and expertise. This one will be missed when it is all gone. Hurry up and get a few bottles for the Summer.