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Lot 793 2017 Columbia Valley Malbec

Lot 793 | 2017 Columbia Valley


A fantastic Malbec shiner from some of the best talent in all of Washington state.


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Cam Confidential


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Will try again

Popped the cork and tasted immediately. Medium body and although rather dry at first as expected, the fruit came out after a mere 5 mins or so. Enjoyed the first two glasses however, with the cork out the fruit disappeared completely after about 45 mins. It will be interesting to see what a 24 hour decant does..


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Crowd pleaser

I tried this with a group of friends the other night and everyone was very impressed. Lots of flavor at a great price. I will definitely be buying more!


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Needs time

Right out of the bottle this wine seemed out of sync. Light, a bit thin with matching fruit. I sat it overnight and it was better. Now it’s nicely balanced. Its not a heavy wine by any means but it is more balanced and the fruit is showing more prominently. Nice, long finish too. It deserves more time and may turn out to be a keeper.


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Not my fave

Over the past few years I have gotten into the Argentinian Malbecs. I was not too impressed with this Wa version

I typically think of mid prices malbecs as good, concentrated juice. Not too complex but a great fruit palate with some earthiness.

This wine was very light for a Malbec. Understated and not too flavorful. Not sure this one worked at this price.