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Lot 791 2017 Columbia Valley Meritage

Lot 791 | 2017 Columbia Valley


An astonishingly gorgeous Meritage shiner from some of the best talent in all of Washington state.


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Cam Confidential


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Lot 791...What a find!

Open and let breath...2 hours. serve in big oversized bowl cab glass. The aroma will knock your socks off. This wine will stand up to and beat many top end Napa cabs or Meritage blends that sell for 4-6 times the price. This comes from a pallet that has sipped and thoroughly enjoyed several "Elite Napa" cabs is recent weeks. 6 stars would be more appropriate.


Verified Purchase

Good Washington Red

This a Good Blend that is definitely from Washington. On the pour you get a deep ruby color that is opaque with slow forming legs. On the nose you get black cherry and some slight floral notes that finishes with a licorice note. On the palate this is a balanced and dry red that tastes like a old world Bordeaux that does not know if it is trying to be from the left bank or the right bank which makes it a very interesting tasting with a very long finish. Lot 791 is not a fruit bomb but a good wine none the less.

Of the three Bordeaux blend Meritages available (I don't consider Lot 737 a Bordeaux blend but very good none the less) this ranks number three. I prefer Lot 784 which is a Sonoma Left Bank style Bordeaux the best with Lot 695 which is Napa Right Bank style Bordeaux coming is a very close second. In all fairness I do prefer California to Washington reds. Lot 791 has an unmistakable Washington red signature. If you like Washington Reds you will love Lot 791. It seems like the "shiners" are priced a little higher. Lot 791 is a very very good wine and still a good value at $25 dollars but I think compared to Lot 784 and 695 I don't feel like it is a 'Great" or "Best" value. If your budget is limited, buy the cheaper ones first. If you r budget is not limited buy a split case of four each of the Lot 791, 784 and 695 and enjoy comparing them.