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Lot 780 2020 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 780 | 2020 New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

A zesty, radiant refresher from the Sauvignon Blanc capital of the world.


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Cam Confidential


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Melon and lemon

Lot 780 is what you'd expect and want from a very good NZ sauvignon blanc. The aroma is of tart lemonade while the first hit of flavor on the tongue is ripe melon followed by the promised citrus, leaning more toward lime than lemon. It quickly becomes tart enough to make a Moscato fan pucker, which is perfect for my palette. Lots of sweet melon in front and tart lime at the back throughout the entire glass makes this a winner in my book.


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Perfect Summer wine

Next to Albarino, this is my favorite dry white - perfectly balanced, slight lime flavor, and perfect for summer eating.


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Nicely balanced

Not too acidic - smooth Sauv Blanc. Really enjoyed the passion fruit and minerality. Will buy more!


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More Like a French Sauivgon Blanc

Lovely wine


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Dry and Tasty

Awesome NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Tastes like Cloudy Bay at half the price.


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Great Summer Wine

Loved this one! Very refreshing since summer is already in full swing in Texas!


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Perfect for Summer

We did a side by side between this and Lot 810 (Dry Creek Valley). My hubby, myself and a Sauvignon Blanc loving daughter. This is a classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We started with both very chilled, let warm a bit, and than warmed till barely cool. The lime zest that Cam describes stood out to me, I did not get any of the grapefruit that other reviewers have mentioned. The nose increased as he wine opened up. But for Summer very chilled on the back porch would be wonderful. For food I would let it warm up a bit. My daughter loved this one. I will probably reorder this for just sipping and the 810 for food.


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Perfect with summer citrus cuisine

Drinking this alone, the grapefruit flavor is very prevalent. Pairing it with any lemon or citrus inclusive meal is absolutely heavenly. Perfect for hot summer days.


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Great taste!

This is much like other fine Suavignon Blanc's from Cameron Hughes. The initial flavors were pear & grapefruit. It's a great wine for warm summer days, another case will ordered soon.


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New Zealand delivers!

I enjoy good Sauvignon Blanc from California but my favorite style is from Marlborough.
Lot 780 has all the attributes of great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.