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Lot 777 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 777 | 2018 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our flagship release of the year! Get yours while you can - it's one of our most anticipated wines.


(48 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


48 Reviews Total


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Very tasty Cab

We found this to be a delightful wine. Paired it with a bite a chocolate. It finished very strong


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Lot 777-Very Special Wine

We loved this wine and wish we could order more. This was a great bottle of wine paired with steaks and a garden salad. It made us realize if we think we are going to love a particular wine we should buy a whole case instead of a bottle.


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Quite nice

Maybe not quite as good as some of the other 770s but still amazing...


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Wine club bottle that we would have ordered more of if was still in stock. Price is higher than most CH wines we buy, but would be worth every $.


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Good Wine

Great taste! Will let the bottle age a little bit more and it will be perfect!


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Glad I ordered more

Needs more time in the bottle but it is already good - nice fruit (if on the medium body side). I will let this sit for at least another year and see how it progresses.


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very young

Based on the Cam Confidential I dreaming of an Opus One or at least an Overture. Can't tell because this wine tastes so young. On the pour it has a lot of promise. I think the color is more medium ruby with a lot of viscosity (legs). The nose does not seem to be there yet that is why I think it is very young. On first taste I notice medium to low acidity but grippy but not quite astringent tannins with a long finish which may indicate something special may come out down the road. When I actually tasted it the following night the nose and fruit flavors were very. apparent, This is not Lot 700 or Lot 698 of last year but it definitely has promise. I will try again next summer with a few of the bottles of the case I purchased. I am very hopeful.


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really good, but don't see myself ordering again

I really really liked it! but with all the value options Cameron has, I'll stick to two bottles of something half the price.


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Better on the second day

I had the wine right out of bottle, and I think it was a mistake. It needs some rest air before drinking. It does have a good finish, strong tannins, but still young. I liked it better on the second day.


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Expected to love it

Did a side by side tasting of #777, #773 and #775 with some wine loving neighbors. The three reviews are from all our notes. We decanted all three 45 minutes. This was our least favorite. Basically no nose. It was definitely better with food than the sips by itself. The color was exquisite in the glass but the on the palate it seemed over extracted. I know its sold out but personally I wouldn't buy again.